Spring Sale on Ultimate Web Builder software! Happy Passover & Happy Easter!

Use coupon code “happyspring” for 10% off all software: Promo, PromoU, Essentials+, Lite, and Full software!

Sale valid through April 24.

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Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!

We hope your holiday season and new year is full of happiness.

Post your wishes for the new year on Shout Out Universe, website/app built on UltimateWB software.

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New website builder software upgrade for all UltimateWB versions!

We have recently released upgrades for all Ultimate Web Builder software versions.

UltimateWB Full, Lite, Essentials+, PromoU, and Promo 5.4 have updates to the Batch Upload Tool, the mail function, and the top page header/right side contact section (template header format).

UltimateWB Full and Lite 5.4 have updates to the Photos App slideshow/gallery & CSS code (styling/formatting) , Mailers App, and the Docs App.

Check out the newest versions on our online demoswww.ultimatewb.com/demolinks (available under the “Resources” tab).

Check out the list of what’s new on the What’s New page under the “Features” tab.

We welcome your feedback!


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Ultimate Web Builder Full 5.3 upgrade for built-in social networking apps

upgrade software

We have recently released an upgrade to UltimateWB Full, for the built-in social apps.

UltimateWB Full 5.3 has an upgrade to the Timeline App – you can add hide/unhide links to posts.  Check out an example of it in action on the social networking website Shout Out Universe: www.shoutoutuniverse.com .

Another upgrade in this new version is to the Members Search tool.  You can now choose to allow members to opt out of searchable fields, and/or the members search tool.  Set the defaults for each.  There is also an added option to show just friends per the search performed in the Members Search tool.

Check out the newest version on the demos: www.ultimatewb.com/demolinks (available under the “Resources” tab).

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Software Upgrade for All Ultimate Web Builder Versions Released!

upgrade software

We have recently released the UltimateWB 5.2 upgrade for all our software versions – Ultimate Web Builder Full, Lite, Essentials+, PromoU and Promo.  Check out what’s new on the What’s New page under the Features tab.

If you like to upload your website photos or documents using the built-in Batch Upload tool, this upgrade is for you!  We have upgraded this tool in all 5 Ultimate Web Builder versions.  Besides necessary coding upgrades, we have added some new features to it too!

  • Modify file names directly in tool
  • Modify photo ordering in tool (besides option to change order in photos admin panel)
  • View photos uploaded in file or thumbnail format

The UltimateWB Full 5.2 upgrade also includes more easy customization options for coderes through the built-in Ad(d)s app.  Easily add your own coding to these new points:

  • After post unliked function
  • After comment liked function
  • After comment unliked function
  • After comment reply notify function
  • After subscribed comment notify function
  • After friend request notify function

You can check out the newest Ultimate Web Builder software for all versions on our Demo (under the Resources tab).  We welcome your feedback!

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Craigslist is not free anymore – you have to pay to post gigs and resumes too


Update June 2018: Craigslist doubles its fees, increasing the $5 fee to post in the USA to $10 in popular cities like New York and San Francisco.

Did you post your Craigslist gig or resume before their March 15 updates?  If so, you might not have noticed their fee changes yet.  Craigslist is no longer known as the nice free website you can post free classifieds or resumes/services offered on, while wondering how they make their money since there are no ads (until they made the change to charge for the jobs categories).  Nope, now they are charging the little guys too, not just the companies with open full-time/part-time positions to post.  Each post in the gigs or resume/services offered sections in the US and selected CA areas will be charged too.  Sucks, but there can be a silver lining for some.

So, each poster on craigslist in the US has paid a fee.  We know from dating sites that this does not mean less spam or fake posts, or even scams.  But, so far it is looking to mean less posts on Craigslist.  Comparing the number of posts from just 1 day of their rule change, there are lots more posts on March 14 than March 15.  So if you’re looking for a job, it can mean less posts to read through.

And if you are into making websites, it could mean an opening for you to make the next big Craigslist classifieds directory and/or listings directory that is free, and even stays free perhaps.

You can opt to make your website 100% free and earn profits through advertising.  A good example of this is the largest totally free dating site/app Friends Match Me – built on UltimateWB!

You can opt to make posting on your website free, and charge for special add-ons, like highlighting the ad, featuring the ad, or allowing photos/videos to be added for a small fee.  Good examples of websites that utilize this business model are:

Gym Chat Classifieds: www.gymchat.com/classifieds

Gym Chat Listings Directory: www.gymchat.com/listings

Get Print Quotes: www.getprintquotes.com

Carelister classifieds & directory for care jobs: www.carelister.com

Yes, all these websites are built on UltimateWB!

It’s a good time to get started on creating your own free classifieds or directory website!  And UltimateWB makes it super easy with our built-in classifieds app and built-in listings directory app.  No experience necessary.

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