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It's simple. Smile You tell the software what you want, and it does the hard part - the coding!

Here are some How To's to get you started.  Click on the links to the right to go to the corresponding section of the User Manual / How-To Guide. Or do a search for the topic you want in the search tool above.

The Admin Panel has notes/tips on each page too, so just dive in!

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Designing & Creating Your Own Website, Beginner Start Guide Overview
Wondering where you should start?  It is a good idea to start from the top of this user manual categories list, on the right, and work down.  It starts from the basics and the website foundation, and gets more advanced as you go down the user manual categories list.

Web Designer Beginner To-Do Checklist:

1) Configure your website - fill in the form under the Admin Panel > Configure Site > Basic Setup page

2) Stylize your website - fill in the form under the Admin Panel > Configure Site > Styles Manager page

3) Add the pages you want; you can just add the pages and then later go in and add the content. You can do this under Admin Panel > Pages > Add Page.

4) If you want to use Photo Categories (read more about this here), create them now. You can do this under Admin Panel > Photos > Add Category.  On the Add Photo Category form you choose which page it is attached to, so that is why you create the pages first in Step 4!

5) Upload photos to your website - go to Admin Panel > Photos > Add Photo.  On the Add Photo form you can choose to add the photo to a Photo Category, or as inline to a Page - so that is why you create the pages and the photo categories first, in Step 3 and Step 4, respectively.

If you have any question and need help, feel free to post on the comments section of each article page, or contact us.

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