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Every website requires a domain name (i.e. the URL location, www.your-domain.com) and web hosting to host your website online. You can buy from another company satisfying the Server Requirements, or you can buy here for some added perks! We offer free professional installation service of the software/updates (pro service available for purchase here if you need it).
Web Hosting Package
Choose to Pay Monthly, or Save with Semi-Annual/Yearly!
*Choose the Yearly - Pay Once package if you do not want to sign up for a free PayPal account
Domain Name:
Email Address:

Domain Name:
Email Address:

Domain Name:
Email Address:

Yearly - Pay Once
Domain Name:
Email Address:

All plans include:
  • Professional Installation of Ultimate Web Builder Full, Lite, or Essentials+ on your server (requires license purchase). Setup of cron jobs/automatic processes must be requested specifically.
  • FREE installation of any release updates, up to 1 per month
  • Traffic Statistics
  • Web Mail
  • cPanel (web hosting control panel, includes File Manager)
  Basic Deluxe 1000 Deluxe 2000 Pro 4T Pro 10T Pro 20T Pro 30T
Disk Space What is this? 250 MB 1 GB (1,000 MB) 2 GB 4 GB 10 GB 20 GB 30 GB
Incoming Bandwidth/monthWhat is this? Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Outgoing Bandwidth/month What is this? 7500 MB 30 GB 60 GB 120 GB 300 GB 600 GB 750 GB
Email Accounts What is this? 1 5 10 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum Hourly Email by Domain Relayed 60 100 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000
Maximum percentage of failed or deferred messages a domain may send per hour Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Traffic Statistics Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Verified Free SSL Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
FTP Accounts What is this? 1 3 5 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Databases What is this? 1 3 5 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
MONTHLY PLAN $4.99/month $12.99/month $24.99/month $48.99/month $120.99/month $240.99/month $360.99/month
6-MONTHS PLAN $4.49/month $11.49/month $22/month $44/month $110/month $220/month $330/month
YEARLY PLAN $3.99/month $10/month $20/month $40/month $100/month $200/month $300/month
Easy upgrades as your website grows. We also provide plans with more server resources for larger websites, please contact us.
*For UltimateWB Full, at least the Deluxe 1000 plan is recommended.
*If you are planning on using the World Cities Database (UltimateWB Full), you will need at least the Deluxe 1000 plan as that database is around 300mb.  Alternatively, if your website is specific to certain countries, you can just install the cities for those countries - the US cities database is 17.3 mb, Great Britain cities is around 2mb).  Another option is to not use menus for location, but use the default text fields where users enter in their location, rather than choosing from drop down country/state/city  menus. Please note that the location menus option is required if you would like to use the distance search option in the Listings app or Classifieds app.
*If you are planning on installing and activating the optional user-to-user real-time Chat app (UltimateWB Full), you will need at least the Deluxe 1000 plan.
Need help deciding which web hosting plan is right for you? Just contact us and we'll help you decide!
SSL Add-On

Accepting credit card info, private information, or just want your website secure via https? Get a SSL certificate for your website.
>> What is SSL and do you need it? , Google Uses HTTPS (SSL) as a Website Ranking Signal
Pay One-Time
SSL Type:
Domain Name:

Setup Recurring Payments
SSL Type:
Domain Name:

Standard Single Domain: $7.99/month (FREE with UltimateWB web hosting),
Premium SSL: $12.99/month,
Wildcard (Unlimited Sub Domains): $17.99/month

(paid yearly) *Requires purchase of a web hosting plan above

All Types Include:
  • Free installation on your server
  • 2048 bit CSR
  • 1 certificate protects www/no-www website,
    i.e. www.your-website.com AND your-website.com
  • https:// prefix
  • Padlock icon
  • 99.9% Browser Recognition
  • Verification Seal

Premium SSL Also Includes:
  • Domain and company validated
  • Trusted green browser bar

Wildcard (Unlimited Sub Domains) SSL Also Includes:

  • Protect your single domain plus all sub domains on your website, i.e. blog.your-website.com, photos.your-website.com 
    *Note: you can alternatively just use the URLs your-website.com/blog and your-website.com/photos, for example
    **Does not include Premium SSL Features
Domain Name Registration/Renewal Package
Pay One-Time
Registration Type:
Domain Name(s):
Street Address, City, State, Zip, Country, Phone:

Setup Recurring Payments
Registration Type:
Domain Name:
Street Address, City, State, Zip, Country, Phone:

Standard: $20/year, Private $40/year

Includes connection service to connect your Domain Name to your Web Host if purchasing both here.

Choose between Standard Registration or Private Registration to keep your personal information online private and reduce spam. Choose how many years you would like to register the domain for now and select your desired domain name by entering it in the respective field.

*Pricing is for common tlds, .com, .org, .net, .biz....for other domain name extensions, please inquire regarding pricing.
*Please note: .com.au, .com.uk domains require a 2 year purchase per the registrar requirements.
*Private domains can only be purchased for the following TLDs: com, net, org, biz, info, name, tv, cc, me

*Please make sure to specify full domain name with extension (i.e. .com, .org, .net, etc.). Otherwise it will default to the .com TLD extension. 

All domain name purchases require contact info. 
*Registrant Contact Name defaults to the PayPal registrant name; please specify if you would like other. 
*Registrant Contact Email defaults to the Web Hosting Package or Software License purchase provided email address, or otherwise the PayPal email address; please specify if you would like other. 

Not sure if your domain name is available? Check here!

*All prices subject to change
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