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I have never written a review or provided a testimonial for many reasons. Maybe the main reason is because I just don’t feel passionate about a company or product either positively or negatively. Most stuff is just meh…neutral.

Ultimatewb on the other hand is a fantastic company. The product and service is exceptional. Their service is attentive, prompt, caring and considerate, and I feel as if I am part of their family. The product is very comprehensive, flexible (multiple possibilities), fluid, and fresh (offers many things other companies don't). Even still, they add features without fees and help you utilize it (If you can dream it, you can find a way to do it on their website. And if you can’t figure it out, they will help or add that feature.). There is no nickeling and diming, and stuffing product down your throat and two faced service like a company that loves to advertise at Superbowls.

Most importantly, when I represent my product/ service on a website out there, and it carries the Powered by Ultimatewb, I have to be certain that Ultimatewb represents my company as well. Ultimatewb reflects the responsibility, compassion, connectivity, humanity, service and integrity that I hope to see in my company.


Pranav J. | Social Networking Website

Video Review

Hi, this is a testimonial for Ultimate Web Builder. I decided a few months ago that I wanted to build a website. I didn't quite know how to go about doing it, so I went to speak to a web developer in the town where I live. They actually quoted me a price of $15,000 to build my site, and this was just too much money for me to spend. So I went online and I did some research and I cane across Ultimate Web Builder. I ended up emailing back and forth with support for a period of time before I actually purchased the product, just to make sure that I was making the right decision. I looked at their software and found that it had just about everything in it that I would need for my website and the price that I paid for this software was $250, as compared to $15,000 quoted to me by the web developer. So I purchased the software and started building it. I've never done anything like this before and I didn't have a clue of what I was doing, but support was awesome. They helped me every single time that I had a problem. They were there when I would email, they would email me back promptly. It didn't matter if it was a weekday or the weekend, somebody always got back to me, and helped me deal with or sort out the issues that I was having. So, now the website is done and I'm completely happy with the product. I did it myself, so I'm pretty proud, and I did it for a price that wasn't going to break the bank. If you are thinking about build a website, I definitely would say that you should try their software. It's an awesome product and the support is fabulous. So good luck with you and your project. Thank you.


Elaine | Classifieds & Events Calendar, Social Networking Website

Video Review

When we decided that we wanted to launch a social media website, we did research to find the ideal web developer. We came up on Ultimate and it was the best decision that we have ever made. I tell you to this day our website has been loaded, even though it is brand new, to all persons that we have introduced it to. As a person who has very little technical experience, web development experience, I was still able to interact with the website and get it to do exactly what I needed it to do. David and his team were extremely helpful. All the additions we needed, they were able to implement like that. (snaps) I really want to say, if you are a proud web development, if it is that you want to launch a proper all-inclusive website, then Ultimate is the way to do it. Thank you David.


Georgia Crawford | Listings Directory, Social Networking Website

Video Review

I had the idea to create a social networking meme website where people can create memes and then share memes online to other social networks. I was just trying to find a good website builder where I could make a website like this and also create a social netwokring website. I was looking around online and saw on a random form someone mentioned UltimateWB.com. They said it was a good website builder to build a social network with a lot of features and it wasn't that expensive either. So I checked it out and it looked like it would be a good website builder for me to build my website. And it was only about $249 at the time. I checked out UltimateWB.com and it looked like a good thing for me, so I started building my website on it. I even added some features and some other requests for them to add onto their website builder, like social media share buttons and a meme generator. They were happy and fast to do it. They are very friendly and have a great customer service, and they'll respond to you fast. David was very fast to respond through email and worked with me to get a lot of features on UltimateWB that I requested. In fact, almost too fast << Robot voice: Behold I am David, the super computer >> David was very nice too and UltimateWB has really great customer service. They were faster than any other customer service I ever dealt with before. I recommend UltimateWB to build your website If you want to have a lot of cusotmization and also if you're a new beginner on building websites you can add you own html and css code to the website builder. It's very customizable and easy. They are very helpful in helping you find the information that you need and also guiding you through the process of creating your website. Thanks.


Jesse | Social Networking website, Memes Sharing

Video Review

it's really a great platform to use and pretty simple, especially for someone who doesn't have any technical experience...It's a pretty simple platform and they're really quick to help you out. They respond to any questions you may have through email. ...It's a really great company overall - the product end, the help.  I suggest you use it if you're starting out and wish you all the best of luck. And thumbs up to UltimateWB!


Denzel | Social Networking website

Ultimate Web Builder - 5 stars top rating Web Design made simple
Pros: I was so happy to find a program that allows me, a complete non-techy, to make my own website. I love how easy it is to set up a blog, mailing list, and paypal. I also like that I can be my own admin and make changes to my site whenever I want.
Cons: None. It's been really well developed and thought out.
Summary: This is a must for any small or home-based business that wants to have a professional, personalized website but doesn't want to spend hundreds of dollars. It really is a bargain!


thewritecoach | Company / E-commerce Website, CNET review

Ultimate Web Builder - 5 stars top rating Excellent! Especially if you are displaying photos!!
Pros: So many options and so easy to use. It is the best! Website doesn't look like it came out of a box, but custom made. With included mailing list tool don't have to purchase separately. One-time fee, not monthly payments to keep own files like others.
Cons: Nothing! It's the best!
Summary: Unlimited possibilites with this sofware. Highly recommend it.


archdesign1 | Company / Portfolio Website, CNET review

Ultimate Web Builder - 5 stars top rating Way more convenient
The software is really nice. It's way more convenient than Dreamweaver for making a full site. It also makes it really easy for slideshows. It's a lot easier to manage things.


Burlingame Senior Home | Company Website

Ultimate Web Builder - 5 stars top ratingSocial Network
This video tutorial has been a great help. The UltimateWB team have been extremely helpful, and there support has been great. They have always been happy to help me with any difficulties I have encountered, and have responded quickly. The UltimateWB team are a great support to have, and I wish them every success.


Samantha | Social Networking Website

Ultimate Web Builder - 5 stars top rating Soo easy to use!
You can actually create a website without knowing how to create a website!


PR Agency | Company / Portfolio Website

The software is working great, I am very happy with it. I already like it more than Dreamweaver and it totally blows Weebly out of the water.


Tony C. | Social Networking Website

I got used to using XSite Pro but can see that your software is in a different league with many more features!


Dave B. | Business Websites

In some years now dealing with developers, we have found that your responses are very prompt and agreeable and is so far the best relationship we experienced in terms of support.


Michael B. | Social Networking Website

Re: Presentation Layout of photos
Hello: The new presentation and layout looks great in Chrome! The thumbnails are easily seen in their green frames and the transitions are very smooth. A click on one brings it up nicely in static form.
I should add the newest version of the web builder software is working great! I really like the look of it! Cheers!


John R. | E-commerce Website

I LOVE IT!!! Great job with the entire site.


Pamela R. | Portfolio Website, Web Design Package Customer

great job with the software and brilliant tech support! :)


James C. | Social Networking Website

Great! So far it looks exactly what I was thinking.


Jason H. | Social Neworking Website, Feature request add-on granted

I just wanted to say also that I admire your business model, it's refreshing to find a company who prioritise innovation over charging for every second's work. The fact that you've created the credit transfer system for us is more than we could've expected, so thank you again.


Jamie D. | Social Networking Website, Feature request add-on granted

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Social Networking Website

The web builder is great and very easy to use. The support team is very helpful with answering questions and requests.

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