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Server Requirements, Web Hosting

You can host your Ultimate Web Builder built website with us, or with any compatible web server (most are)!  Choose the "Linux" option when prompted to choose between "Linux" and "Windows".

Server Requirements

  • PHP 7+ 
  • MySQL 5.7+
  • The mod_rewrite Apache module
  • getimagesize() enabled
  • IonCube, latest version

*If you want to allow video uploads, you will need ffmpeg on your server. Also make sure your server has flvtool2 and mencoder.  All UltimateWB web hosting packages do.

*If you want to use the optional user-to-user real-time Chat app (UltimateWB Full), you will need a server supporting nodejs, socket.io, and forever. Either they will need to provide you with root access to the server, or willing to follow the install instructions noted here.

Ultimate Web Builder software requires IonCube to run.  IonCube loaders are widely used and most web hosting companies already have IonCube installed, or will install it for you at no charge. You can check if your current web server already has IonCube loaders installed:

Download zip file for server check, Ultimate Web Builder software[ Download zip file for server check, Ultimate Web Builder software ]

Unzip to get the file "testserver.php" and upload it to your current web server. If your web server already has Ioncube installed, you will get a success message.  Otherwise, you will get instructions to email to your web hosting company.

Known web hosting companies that are not compatible: Fatcow/iPage shared hosting plans run IonCube loader v3.1.25. (from 2006) and will not upgrade unless you choose their VPS plans

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