Got GoDaddy Web Hosting and Need a Good Website Builder?

If you already got your web hosting through GoDaddy and don’t like their website builder, don’t worry.  You have options.  For those not familiar with the GoDaddy website builder, it is a pretty simple website builder with not so many features, and not as customizable or flexible as many people may want.  You can compare it with UltimateWB in the comparison chart here: .

Options for a good website builder after getting GoDaddy web hosting:

1) If you are happy with the GoDaddy web hosting and/or have paid a non-refundable fee, and don’t want to switch web hosting companies, you don’t have to.  You will however need to choose a website builder than can be installed on GoDaddy web servers – so the hosted website builders won’t work for you.  Don’t be upset too much about this, however, they are not the best anyways, if you ask me.  UltimateWB is a great solution for you.  Compare UltimateWB to other website builders here: and and for e-commerce .

2) Choose the right website builder for you, then switch web hosting companies if needed.  You can transfer your domain name to the new web hosting company, or just redirect the nameservers to it, pointing the domain name to your new web server (your web hosting company/domain registrar can help you with this if you don’t know anything about this).

It is a good idea to choose your website builder first, then your web hosting, to make sure they are compatible and also to get the best deal.  You can use UltimateWB software on GoDaddy web hosting (we checked), but you can get some added perks by hosting on UltimateWB web servers, including free professional installation of the software and any released updates on your server. Not to mention, great service! :-)

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