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Use the built-in Templates app to build out sections of your website in seconds.
Customize further using your website admin panel.

Choose to buy UltimateWB website builder with a one-time payment, or use it on the Cloud with our UltimateWB Cloud website builder (free 30-day trial!) that couples our website builder with web hosting. If you would like one of our highly experienced full-stack web developers to design and build your website, we have web design packages available.

Build any type of website.

UltimateWB = Ultimate Web Builder

We mean "Ultimate" when we say "Ultimate" in Ultimate Web Builder! We have added features to the software to make it possible for anyone to create complex websites through the software, without having to add coding to the website.

Whether you want to create a hobby or business website, listings directory, classifieds website, social network, video sharing website, portfolio, online store, or any other type of website, we work hard to make UltimateWB the best website builder for you. UltimateWB website builder software propels you beyond mere website creation by equipping you with the tools and meticulous behind-the-scenes clean coding needed to ensure your website's responsiveness, cross-browser compatibility, and search engine optimization (SEO) prowess.

Styles Manager
User Friendly
  • CMS: Content Management System with Page Edit History
  • Styles Manager - Create your own style
  • SEO Tool (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Sitemap Generator
  • Responsive App for mobile friendly website
  • Matching style WordPress blog integration
Mosaic Grid, Photo Collage
  • Photo Galleries & Slideshows with mobile friendly animation effects
  • Interactive Mosaic Grid - photo collage with option for textual parts
  • Sell prints & digital downloads
Contact Form, Mailing List App
  • Contact Form
  • Forms & Surveys Builder
  • Mailing List
  • Guestbook
  • Social Media buttons
  • Pretty & Clean URLS - Easy to remember & access
Members App
  • Register, Login, Profile
  • Social Login: Facebook, Google
  • Fans, Friends, Block, Report
  • Inbox & Sentbox
  • Members Chat Box
  • Photo, Video, Audio, File Uploads
  • Scrapbooks App
  • Listings Directory App
  • Articles App
  • Forums App
  • Polls & Surveys
  • Timeline
  • Privacy Settings
  • Page & Email Notifications
  • Rewards App & Members Leaderboard based on activity
  • Option to set Access Restrictions to sections
  • Monetize options in Social Apps
Classifieds App, E-Commerce
  • Shopping Cart
  • Currency or Credits Payment
  • PayPal Integration
  • Accept credit card payments/payment info directly from your website
  • Coupons & Item Discounts
  • Digital Downloads & Subscriptions to Member Groups
  • "Related Items" & "People who purchased this also purchased..." sections
  • Item Reviews & Ratings
  • Inventory Management
  • Affiliates App
  • Classifieds App to allow members to sell too
  • Auctions with increasing bids for selling items, decreasing bids for gigs

Feel the Power of Built-In

Go To Features List

LOTS of built-in apps & features that work together

with LOTS of flexibility and customization options.

Beginner Friendly & Expert Flexible

Cut down on development time and cost

whether you are a total newbie, web designer, or even web developer and programmer.
Create & manage your website from any computer - PC or mac, tablet, or smartphone with an internet connection.

Fast, Easy, Secure, Low Maintenance,
the website builder that Grows With You

Choose between 5 Website Builder versions

Full • Lite • Essentials+ • PromoU • Promo
ALL versions include:
No AdsAds Free, NO Required Ads - but you are free to add your own ads, such as Google Adsense, etc.!
Web Hosting ChoiceWeb Hosting Choice: Use it with your own web hosting and domain name (You can get both from UltimateWB if you want)
Easy Admin PanelManage your website easily online, from any computer/device with an internet connection
Templates Generator1-Click Template installs - build out sections of your website in seconds
Responsive AppBuilt-in Responsive App for Mobile Friendly website!
SEOBuilt-in SEO Tool (Search Engine Optimization) for that high Google ranking!
Pretty URLsPretty/Clean URLs - User Friendly and also good for SEO! You pick your URLs!
Easy Content ManagerEasy Content Manager - Customize your header, footer, and optional side left/right sections, and it updates on all your pages. Option to revert to previous backups of page from Edit History. Switch your website to/from a One-Page website with the click of a button.
Styles ManagerStyles Manager with Fluid Design - Create your own website design, add background images, choose your colors, fonts, styles, and more!
Photos AppUpload & Integrate Unlimited Photos, save time with the built-in Batch Upload Tool
Contact FormContact Form - Customize up to 10 fields and a menu, allow file attachments, and require captcha or question & answer verification for spam control
Customize LanguageCustomize Language & Configurations - Put your website in any language you want! It's all customizable!
Ad(d)s ManagerAd(d)s Manager - Easily embed Google ads, Google Analytics, or other media/plugins code
Backup DatabaseBackup Database Tool
Custom FaviconUpload Customized Browser Icon (favicon)
No programming experience requiredNo Programming Experience Required
Add custom codingOption to add your own Custom Coding - both for style and content!
Free SupportFree Tech Support

UltimateWB is the only software you need to create your matching desktop - laptop - tablet - mobile friendly website.

Responsive website on multiple devices

Check out how your website looks like on various devices with our Responsive Check Tool.

If you build your website with UltimateWB, it can be as simple as activating the built-in Responsive app. Then you can just resize your browser window to check out how your website looks on different device sizes.

Flexibility to the MAX

Coding & Developer Freedoms

You are free to copy/paste and integrate plugins or other media code, such as Google Adsense or YouTube videos. Programmers and web developers: you may also add your own custom coding to work with the software, on the Styles Manager, CMS Page Editor Box, and the Ad(d)s Manager / HTML Ad(d)s Manager.

Web Hosting Choice

Choose to buy your domain name at UltimateWB or another company. Use it with your own web hosting account you get at UltimateWB or at another web hosting company, or go with UltimateWB Cloud. All UltimateWB web hosting packages and UltimateWB Cloud plans include free software installation service, SSL (secure server), custom email(s), and traffic statistics.
OK, so you create an AWESOME website,
but unless you want it to be private, you want to...

Let it be known, You Exist!

Building & driving website traffic is lot easier with UltimateWB:
  • Built-in SEO Tool (Hello Google!), for your integrated WordPress blog too (no plugins needed!)
  • Clean & SEO Friendly URLs
  • Sitemap Generator
  • Mailing List App
  • Social Share Buttons
Improve your search engine ranking and organic website traffic.
Get more business, generate & keep more buzz!
quote...The product and service is exceptional. Their service is attentive, prompt, caring and considerate, and I feel as if I am part of their family. The product is very comprehensive, flexible (multiple possibilities), fluid, and fresh (offers many things other companies don't). Even still, they add features without fees and help you utilize it (If you can dream it, you can find a way to do it on their website. And if you can’t figure it out, they will help or add that feature.)... [ Read more ] quote
quote It's really a great platform to use and pretty simple, especially for someone who doesn't have any technical experience...It's a pretty simple platform and they're really quick to help you out. They respond to any questions you may have through email. ...It's a really great company overall - the product end, the help. I suggest you use it if you're starting out...[ Read more ] quote
quote...I looked at their software and found that it had just about everything in it that I would need for my website and the price that I paid for this software was $250, as compared to $15,000 quoted to me by the web developer. So I purchased the software and started building it. I've never done anything like this before and I didn't have a clue of what I was doing, but support was awesome.... [ Read more ] quote

Make Your Dreams Happen

(No web hosting package required on the Cloud, just a domain name)

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