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Here are some video tutorials on how to create, design, and manage your own website with Ultimate Web Builder software.  Click on the bottom right corner [ ] icon of each player to enlarge videos to full screen.  Enjoy!  If you would like to request a video tutorial topic, please contact us.
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Please also refer to the online User Manual for other topics and how-to's.

How to Change Your Admin Panel Password

Topics Covered:
-Logging into Admin Panel
-Changing Password

How to Design Your Website - Basics

Topics Covered:
-Creating new stylesheet
-Loading new stylesheet fields with saved stylesheet
-Editing stylesheet
-Adding background image to page body
-Changing page section background colors
-Changing menu tabs/mouseover tabs colors
-Adding/removing menu/tabs borders
-Updating page section sizing to expand to full screen width
-Setting page section widths and center aligning
-Changing page titles color
-Changing text color

How to Add Photo / Edit Header

Topics Covered:
-Upload "inline" photo
-Embed photo (i.e. logo) to header
-Advanced header page section formatting by creating a table
-Edit page header section
-Reformatting table, cell width, cell spacing

**New in versions UWB 3.4+ (all versions!) - you can format further using Divs (no coding required!), and just use Tables for tabular data like our online comparison charts. Check out the user manual topic here.  Video Tutorial below!

How to Format Header with Divs (without coding)

Topics Covered:
-Creating Div
-Creating Div new line (Clear Both / Clear Right)
-Aligning Divs - Float Right / Float Left
-Adding Padding to Div
-Setting Width to Divs
-Setting Margin Top value for Divs
-Adding extra line space to Div

How to Add / Edit a Photo Gallery, Slideshow

Topics Covered:
-Create Photo Category, and add to a page (adds photo gallery/slideshow to page)
-Batch Upload photos to Photo Category
-List Category Photos, view photo pop-up overlay
-Switching Page Format, increasing the photo gallery/slidehow to full page width
-Editing Page Title / Page Text Color
-Editing Photo Gallery Thumbnails Color
-Edit Photo Category: photos resize type/resizing by shortest side to fill full space, switching slideshow type (animation),  changing animation duration/delay between photo slides, increasing photo height

How to Add a Link to an Inline Image

Topics Covered:
-Edit/Save page section, header
-Add link to inline image
-Edit link to inline image, update target to open the page link in new window

How to Add Members Login/Registration forms & Profile pages

Topics Covered:
-Create Members Login form, option to add to top header of all pages
-Create Members Registration form
-Create Edit Profile page
-Create Public Profile page
-Add member through Admin Panel
-Test out login
-Update styling
-Logging out displays login boxes again

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September 9, 2014 4:41 am
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This video tutorial has been a great help. The UltimateWB team have been extremely helpful, and there support has been great. They have always been happy to help me with any difficulties I have encountered, and have responded quickly. The UltimateWB team are a great support to have, and I wish them every success.

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