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Ultimate Web Builder Installation Instructions
(required only if you choose another web hosting provider)
We do also offer a Professional Installation service here

**Make sure to backup any files or databases you already have on the server, prior to installing or making any changes to your server/website

1) Database: Create a database table / user with all permissions - you will need the database name, user name, and user password in the next step.

2) Edit Configurations:
A) Unzip the software files.
B) Open the root file "connect_sample.php" from your web hosting account file manager and enter in your current email (you can update it from your Admin panel later), and your database name, user name, and user password in the designated space.  Save the file, renaming it "connect.php".
C) Rename the root ".htaccess_sample.txt" file to ".htaccess".  If your website is located in a subfolder, open the file in notepad, or in your web hosting File Manager, and folllow the instructions there on where you need to insert your subfolder name.
*Commenting out a line in the .htaccess file is done by adding "#" in front of the line, without the "" quotes.
D) Rename the folder "blog_sample" to "blog". Rename the folder "extra-app_sample" to "extra-app".

3) Upload Files: Upload all the files to your server - should be under your "httpdocs" or "www" folder to open your website from www.your-website.com, i.e. the root, or under a subfolder under the "httpdocs" or "www" folder to open your website from www.your-website.com/subfolder.  After purchase you will be emailed your software license file - you should unzip this file and upload here as well.
4) Run Installer: Open your internet browser window to www.your-website.com/install.php - where your-website.com is the domain name you have registered for with the Software Package.  If you have uploaded to a subfolder instead in step 3, then you should go to www.your-website.com/subfolder/install.php, where "subfolder" is the subfolder name you have uploaded to, under your "httpocs" or "www" folder on your server.   It should not take more than 30 seconds to run and complete the process.
Watch the Step-by-Step Installation Video Guide:
The first 3 videos outline a 3-step process using just your web hosting control panel (cpanel) vs notepad and Filezilla/FTP for the 4th video.
*Click on the [] button on the bottom right of each video to watch it full screen.

All steps outlined: Install Process via FileZilla (FTP)

At completion, you will receive the following messages:
Ultimate Web Builder Software Installation is complete!

Update WordPress Blog Database to Latest Version: Update Blog Database

Remove this file, upgrade.php, and testserver.php 

The "Update Blog Database" link opens in new browser windows, and runs the database upgrade there with one click.
5) After installation completion:
A) Remove the files "install.php", "upgrade.php", and "testserver.php" from your server. You may want to rename your "admin" folder to something else for added security.  Log into your Admin Panel by opening your internet browser to www.your-website.com/admin, or www.your-website.com/subfolder/admin if you have uploaded to a subfolder, replacing "admin" to whatever you may have renamed it to.  Enter in the default username and password that comes with the Software Package.  You should go to the "Change Password" tab after logging in and change your username/password.
Optional, Part 2: Setup of Automatic Scripts (Server Cron Jobs):
UltimateWB Full and UltimateWB Lite offer automatic scripts that you can choose to run from your web server.  Both software versions have the option to run the Sitemap Generator Tool automatically to create a sitemap for your website and keep it updated easily.  UltimateWB Full has an RSS Feed Generator Tool and other automatic scripts available corresponding to the built-in apps that come with it.
Please check out the User Manual topic How To Configure Cron Jobs (Automatic Scripts) from Web Hosting Control Panel for more detailed info.
Optional, Part 3: Install Cities / States Database:
Starting from UltimateWB Full version 4.4, you have an option for the member registration/profile state and city fields, and the Listings Directory App state and city fields, and the Classifieds App state and city fields to be menu fields, rather than text fields. You can choose to populate the states and cities from a worldwide database available for download on the UltimateWB Forum, Full software, Install topic here. Alternatively, we also have state / city databases available for download for just the US and Great Britain, if your website is not for worldwide use for example. Please contact us to request database download creation for other countries (instead of the worldwide database available for download). You can also edit/add the countries, states, and cities from your website admin panel.
After downloading the state and city databases you want to install to your website, extract the ".sql" file from each zip, and upload that file to your website home directory. Next, if you have root access to your server and know how to use a program such as Putty, you can follow the instructions below, or just contact your web hosting company to install the files you have just downloaded to your server, asking them to install them to your website database. Due to the large size of the worldwide cities database, we use root server access to install. Here are the instructions:

1) cd /home/[your_cpanel_username]/public_html

Enter your cpanel (web hosting) username where it is noted [your_cpanel_username] (without the brackets).

2) mysql -u [your_database_username] -p [your_database_name] < [re_city.sql]

Enter your database username where it is noted [your_database_username] (without the brackets). Use your database name where it is noted [your_database_name] (without the brackets). And enter the cities database file name you just downloaded and uploaded to your web server, home directory, where is it noted [re_city_sql] (without the brackets).

3) Do the same for the states database, i.e.
mysql -u [your_database_username] -p [your_database_name] < [re_state.sql]

After the database install code, you should be asked for your database password, in order to process the code.
Optional, Part 4: Install Chat App:
Starting from UltimateWB Full version 4.4, you may activate a user-to-user chat app. This is a real-time instant messaging app that uses nodejs, socket.io, and forever - it requires your server to support these features.
Step 1: Configure the Chat App from your admin panel: Configure Site > Configure Social > Chat.
Step 2: Open an internet browser and navigate to your-website.com/chat/nodejs/chat.js.php . Copy the output from this file and pase into Wordpad or Notepad, save this new file as "chat.js", and upload to your server in the chat/nodejs folder.
Step 3: If you have root access to your server and know how to use a program such as Putty, you can follow the instructions below, or just contact your web hosting company to perform the following commands:

A) cd [to your chat folder path]
B) npm install socket.io
C) npm install -g forever
D) forever start [path-to]chat/nodejs/chat.js

And you're all set!
Ultimate Web Builder Upgrading Instructions
(required only if you choose another web hosting provider)
**Make sure to backup any files or databases you already have on the server,
prior to installing or making any changes to your server/website
We have added the suffix "_sample" to any folders/files that may overwrite your settings.  When you run the upgrade script, you will be notified if you should review any of these files/rename to copy to your server.
3) Run the upgrade script by going to www.your-website.com/upgrade.php, where your-website.com is your domain name - if you have installed the software on a subfolder, you should add the subfolder name to your domain name, i.e. www.your-website.com/subfolder/upgrade.php.
4) You can upgrade your integrated WordPress blog automatically from your blog admin panel when necessary. If there is any Wordpress blog integration issues after upgrading, just go to your website Admin Panel > Edit Page > Blog, and click on the link "Refresh Blog Integration".
5) Remove the upgrade.php, install.php, and testserver.php files from your server.
Special Instructions for Upgrading from UltimateWB Full 3.0 to 3.1:
A) You will need to download a new license file from your Downloads section in your account.
B) Before uploading any of the new software files, please download the test file from the Server Requirements page and follow the instructions there, to make sure your server is ready to go for the upgrade.

*Upgrading from UltimateWB Full 3.6 to 3.7:
With the Custom Forum App released in UltimateWB Full 3.5, the phpBB third party forum app has been completely removed from UltimateWB Full.  Enjoy the built-in UltimateWB Forum app, working with the other built-in apps!  The CMS Pages now includes an "extra-app" folder in lieu of the phpbb Forum folder, which you may use to integrate a third party software if you would like.
1) Download the updated Ultimate Web Builder software package from the Downloads Area.
2) Unzip the Ultimate Web Builder software files, and upload all files to your server.