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About Us

Who We Are and What We Do

UltimateWB is a Silicon Valley, California based software company specializing in do-it-yourself website builders for beginners to experts, even programmers and web developers, worldwide.  We offer five versions of our software Ultimate Web Builder - Promo, Promo Unlimited, Essentials+, Lite, and Full, as well as optional domain name/web hosting, SSL add-on, software installation, and logo/web design services.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to provide the ultimate web solution for anyone creating a website, no matter the scope, topic, or complexity.  We have been very successful in making the web designing process faster and easier for all expertise levels, and enabling the complete web design noobie to integrate and customize features in their website that once was thought possible only by expert coders.

The Future

While we continuously add new features and apps to Ultimate Web Builder software, we always keep it open and flexible so that anyone can copy/paste and integrate plugins or other media code, and programmers and web developers may also add their own custom coding to work with the software.  This is very important to us, as such all five versions of Ultimate Web Builder software have this open platform feature.