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FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions
Here is a list of frequently asked questions, and some not so much asked but good to point out! Just click on a question to expand/display the answer.

Purchasing Software

How do I purchase Ultimate Web Builder software?

You can find the purchase page under the UltimateWB website top menu tab "Purchase & Download" - click or mouseover on it to get to the "Buy & Upgrade Software" page. The direct link is www.ultimatewb.com/buy.

Do I just have to pay a one-time fee for the software?

Yes, the Ultimate Web Builder software license is a lifetime license - you only pay a one-time fee. You may choose to pay a small yearly renewal fee if you want to download software updates (free for the first year).

Should I get Ultimate Web Builder Full, Lite, Essentials+, Promo Unlimited or Promo?

Ultimate Web Builder Full has the most features, but you can choose to go with the Essentials+, Lite, or Promo versions if you do not need all of the built-in apps/features. Please check out the UltimateWB comparison chart by clicking on the "Compare" tab on the top menu. The direct link is www.ultimatewb.com/compare-uwb.

Is there an online Ultimate Web Builder Free Trial or Demo I can check out before purchasing?

Yes, of course! You can try out each of the 5 different versions of Ultimate Web Builder software by clicking on the "Demo" tab on the top menu. The direct link is www.ultimatewb.com/demolinks. You can try out both the frontend (what your website visitors will see on your website) and the backend (the admin panel where you can manage your website) for each software version.

Can I upgrade to a higher Ultimate Web Builder version, such as Ultimate Web Builder Full, after purchasing a lower Ultimate Web Builder software version and not lose my content/website work?

Yes, you can upgrade to a higher version of Ultimate Web Builder from a lower version you have purchased, and not lose your content/website work.  You can also receive a discounted price from its original price when upgrading from Lite to Full.  You can buy the higher software version from the "Purchase & Download" top menu tab - click or mouseover on this to go to the "Buy & Upgrade Software" page. The direct link is www.ultimatewb.com/buy.  To convert your current UltimateWB website to the higher software version, please contact us for a free upgrade script.

Can I use Ultimate Web Builder software on a Mac or PC?

Yes, either! Ultimate Web Builder software files are uploaded to your web server, not stuck on one computer. So, you can use Ultimate Web Builder software on any computer with an internet connection, and it doesn't matter whether you are using a Mac or a PC.

Can I use Ultimate Web Builder software on my tablet or smartphone, besides laptop/desktop computer?

Yes! Try it out on the Demo!

How do you provide the software?

The software is available as a download link from your account Downloads Area on the UltimateWB website, after purchase. To keep product costs to a minimum, we do not ship a CD or physical item.

How soon can I download the software after payment?

Payment transactions are automatically processed, and after the system validates your payment as complete, you may download your software/license from the Downloads Area of the UltimateWB website.  If you made the purchase while not logged in, the system will try to locate your member username if you have one associated with your payment email address, or it will create one for you automatically.  Check your email to activate it.

Do you offer bulk discounts for multiple software purchases?

Please contact our sales team regarding Bulk Purchases, via our online Contact Form.
Software Features

Is Ultimate Web Builder responsive?

Yes. Starting from Ultimate Web Builder 3.4, (all versions!), there is a built-in Responsive App you can use to configure and customize the "responsiveness" the way you want! No coding required, though you can choose to add your own custom coding for extra tailoring.

Does Ultimate Web Builder use HTML5 / CSS3?

Yes, Ultimate Web Builder uses the latest technologies, while also keeping in mind backwards compatibility, to ensure your website still works on older browsers.

Does Ultimate Web Builder come with built-in templates?

Starting with version 6, all UltimateWB software versions come with a built-in Templates Generator which includes one-button easy set-up of the built-in apps and sample styles, all of which you can customize through your website admin panel. As before, you can choose from various Page Formats for each webpage, and there's a Styles Manager where you can actually create/customize YOUR OWN styles!

What features does Ultimate Web Builder have?

Please click on the "Features" menu tab on the top of the UltimateWB website to go to the Features list page. The direct link is www.ultimatewb.com/features. This gives a summary of all the features available in Ultimate Web Builder software. To check out which features are available in which version, and an easy and quick comparison of the 5 versions of Ultimate Web Builder software, please click on the "Compare" top menu tab for the Compare UltimateWB page, direct link www.ultimatewb.com/compare-uwb.

What if I want a feature that Ultimate Web Builder software does not have yet?

Please post your feature request in the Comments Section on the Feature Requests page, the "Suggestions & Feature Requests" category on our support forum, or email us. We will let you know if your feature request will be included in an upgrade release, or if it will require customization services. While we continuously add new features and apps to Ultimate Web Builder software, we always keep it open and flexible so that anyone can copy/paste and integrate plugins or other media code, and programmers and web developers may also add their own custom coding to work with the software. This is very important to us, as such all five versions of Ultimate Web Builder software have this open platform feature.

Do I need to know coding/website programming to use Ultimate Web Builder software?

No, you do not need to know php, mysql, js, or even html and css...the software does all the coding for you, you just tell it what you want! No experience is necessary to use Ultimate Web Builder software. It is beginner friendly and expert flexible.

I want to build my own social networking website. Can I do it with Ultimate Web Builder software?

Yes! Ultimate Web Builder Full comes with built-in social networking apps that are fully customizable.

I want to build an online store for my business. Can I do it with Ultimate Web Builder software?

Yes! Ultimate Web Builder Full comes with built-in e-commerce apps that are fully customizable

Will photo galleries built with Ultimate Web Builder work on smartphones and tablets?

Yes, Ultimate Web Builder software is cross-browser/platform compatible, using javascript coding for flash-like animations - great for SEO (search engine optimization) too!

Can I add Google Ads, Yahoo Ads, etc.? And if so, do I get to keep 100% of the profits from it, or does UltimateWB take a percentage?

Yes, you can add Google Ads, Yahoo Ads, or other scripts/codes you can copy/paste from Third Party websites to your website. The easiest way to integrate them into your website is to use the built-in UltimateWB Ad(d)s App. And yes, you get to keep 100% of the profits from ads you place on your website, or any sales you make on your website. UltimateWB does not take any profit percentage from your sales.
Software Licensing

How is Ultimate Web Builder software licensed?

Ultimate Web Builder software is licensed on a per domain name basis.

Can I remove the "Powered By" / "Copyright" software labels?

No, that is part of the software and may not be removed. You can however add your own "Website Designed By" or "Copyright" lines to the footer.

Can I move my software/license from one web server to another?

Yes, just transfer the software/license and website files/database to your new web server, provided that it follows the server requirements (most do), and is connected to your licensed domain name.

Can I change the domain name associated with my Software License after purchase?

If you need to change the domain name associated with your purchased Software License within 48 hours of your purchase, and have not downloaded the Software License yet, you may request a domain name change via our online contact form. There is an associated $15 fee to cover administration and processing costs. Domain name changes are not possible If you have already downloaded the Software License file.

Am I allowed to run two copies of Ultimate Web Builder from one license?

No. You must hold a valid Ultimate Web Builder license for each individual installation of the software (regardless of whether the two installations are on the same domain name or server). For example, if you wish to install one copy of Ultimate Web Builder at http://www.yourserver.com/website1/ and another copy at http://www.yourserver.com/website2/, you will require two licenses.
Purchasing Web Hosting / Domain Name

Where can I buy web hosting and/or my own custom domain name?

You can buy these directly from UltimateWB, from under the top "Purchase & Download" menu tab - go to the "Domain Names & Web Hosting" tab to choose your web hosting and/or domain name. The direct link is www.ultimatewb.com/domain-names-web-hosting. Purchase of web hosting through UltimateWB includes free professional installation of the software/updates!

You may also choose to use UltimateWB with your own web hosting and domain name purchased elsewhere. (see questions below for more info on this)

Can I just buy Ultimate Web Builder software, and use it with my own web hosting and domain name?

Yes, you can use Ultimate Web Builder software on your own web server, or purchase web hosting with UltimateWB for free installation/upgrading services. Most servers are compatible with Ultimate Web Builder software, so just make sure your web hosting company is compatible with the Server Requirements.

Do I need Web Hosting and a Domain Name to use Ultimate Web Builder software?

Like other websites, web hosting is necessary to display your website online, and a domain name is necessary to make it accessible from a URL such as www.your-domain.com from an internet browser. You may purchase these here or from another company and use with this software.  Most servers will be compatible with the Server Requirements by default, or help you with the settings if not.  Purchase of our Web Hosting packages provides you with free professional installation of one software license onto your server.

I already have a domain name.  Can I use it with Ultimate Web Builder?

Yes, you can use your domain name that you have already registered with Ultimate Web Builder, provided that the company you bought it from does not have any restrictions set on you.  To connect your domain name to your web hosting, you just set your domain name nameservers to your web hosting nameservers.  Your purchased software should be installed on this web hosting. Domain configurations/setup and software installation on your web hosting server is provided free with all of our Web Hosting Packages. The company you bought your domain name from most often also offers free help to connect your domain name to your web hosting by setting the correct nameservers. 

How can I tell if my server/web hosting plan is compatible with Ultimate Web Builder software?

You can find the Server Requirements on the top menu Resources > Server Requirements page.  If you are not hosting with us and still are not sure, please email your web hosting company with the link of the Server Requirements (www.ultimatewb.com/server-requirements ) for assistance and confirmation.  Please note that our Web Hosting Packages include FREE professional installation of the software and any software updates!

How soon are web hosting packages/domain names purchased through UltimateWB setup?

Web hosting packages and domain names are usually processed within 1 business day. We do sometimes do setups during off business hours and the weekend/holidays.

Can I have my own custom email address (i.e. my-name@my-website.com) with web hosting purchased through UltimateWB?

Yes! It is included in all of the UltimateWB web hosting packages! You can get more info on how to use your web hosting account on the User Manual, Web Hosting Control Panel section. We can help you set it up if you need any assistance with it.

If I cancel the web hosting package/payments, will I have to start my website over again from scratch, or can I just relaunch it as is when I'm ready to start again?

UltimateWB is downloadable software, meaning you can download the website/software files from the server. You don't lose your content by switching web hosting companies or stopping your web hosting, unlike hosted services. You can read more about this on our blog article, "Hosted solution, self-hosted website, and the best option" .

Here is the User Manual topic on the subject of backing up your website via the web hosting control panel: "How To Backup Your Website From Your Web Hosting Control Panel" .
Purchasing Professional Services: Professional Installation, Web design, Logo

I got Ultimate Web Builder software but would like my website designed/set up for me. Where can I purchase these services?

You can purchase professional web design services and/or logo design directly on the UltimateWB website, from the "Purchase & Download" top menu tab - go to the "Professional Services" tab. The direct link is www.ultimatewb.com/pro-services. The web design packages include free professional installation of the software on your server.

I bought Ultimate Web Builder software and would like to use it on my own web server. I would like to have someone set it up for me, and have it ready to go. Where can I get this service?

You can purchase the Ultimate Web Builder professional installation service directly from the UltimateWB website, from the "Purchase & Download" top menu tab - go to the "Professional Services" tab, it is the first section on this page. The direct link is www.ultimatewb.com/pro-services. Please note that our web hosting/web design packages do include free professional installation of the software on your server.
Purchasing, General Questions

How can I make purchases from your website, do I need a PayPal account?

No, you do not need to have a PayPal account, or even sign up for a free PayPal account, to make purchases on UltimateWB.  PayPal processes the transactions securely, but you can choose to pay via your Debit or Credit Card.

When purchasing web hosting or domain names, if you don't want to have a PayPal account, choose the pay one-time options, as a free PayPal account is required for setting up subscription payments.

Can you provide an invoice/receipt?

Yes, you will receive payment receipts from our payment processors directly after purchase.

Can I get a refund?

If you would like a refund for your web hosting package or domain name package, a refund can be given up to 48 hours after purchase provided that the web hosting or domain name has not been assigned to you. A 15% fee will apply to cover administration and processing costs. Refunds are not possible for web hosting/domain names once they have been assigned to you. Software is not refundable as it is available for digital download after purchase.

Are there any extra or hidden costs?

No hidden costs, and there isn't even any associated tax on purchases. Please note though, as mentioned on the website, you do need a domain name and web hosting to use Ultimate Web Builder software.

What support do you provide?

UltimateWB provides free tech support via email and on the forums here. We're recognized as offering some of the very best customer support in the industry. Check out our customer testimonials for their views.

The software comes with 1 month free tech support. What happens after that period?

There are no rates included on the website for extra tech support outside of that period because currently we have no issues providing such tech support for free.

We're recognized as offering some of the very best customer support in the industry. View our customer testimonials for their views.

Is there an online user manual for Ultimate Web Builder software?

Yes, the online user manual is under the Resources tab on the top menu. The direct link is www.ultimatewb.com/user-manual-how-to-guide. If you want a topic covered that isn't yet, please contact us!.

Have a question?  Please feel free to post in our forums, or contact us directly.

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Profile Picture
October 12, 2014 12:53 pm
Site Search

Hi, Does UltimateWB builder have the option to include a search bar on your website (where someone would enter in key words to search for a topic on your website)?

UltimateWB Team
2 Fans
2 Friends
October 12, 2014 8:37 pm
(Reply to: Chris)

Currently, various apps in UWB have the search feature: i.e. the Articles app, Classifieds app, Members app, etc.  There isn't a search tool feature yet for just the webpages, but we can add this feature if you would like, at no extra charge.  Please refer to the Request Features page here: http://www.ultimatewb.com/request-features

Profile Picture
October 3, 2014 9:35 am
Auction and multivendor ecommerce

Do you have app for auction where everyone can Auction their products?

Do you have an app for multivendor site where each store owner responsible for their site, products and billing?

UltimateWB Team
2 Fans
2 Friends
October 3, 2014 5:59 pm
(Reply to: mike)

In UWB Full, there is a Classifieds app which you can set up to allow for members/visitors to post their own ads/items.  Here is the user manual topic on this: http://www.ultimatewb.com/classifieds-app .  Each poster is responsible for their own producs/billing, and you can set it up so that they can receive payments through the website or PayPal.  You can optionally charge for postings and also configure a transaction commission.  

Currently, the Classifieds app does not include an Auction feature, but if you would like this feature, we can consider adding it as a built-in app at no extra charge.  Please refer to the Request Features page at http://www.ultimatewb.com/request-features , and post the details of your feature request there, or contact us at http://www.ultimatewb.com/contactus .

Profile Picture
September 11, 2014 3:26 pm

Sorry, I've got one more question I forgot-

I'm thinking of starting a website with UltimateWB but I just want to clarify if this is the right web builder for me.  I do not have a business, I want to start a website where I post informational articles for people to browse and read for free, so I guess its kind of like a "hobby" website. 

What I want is to have a menu at top (the nevaigation bar) with several different topoics, and once you click on the topic on the menu, I want there to be another page where I can list the articles under that section / topic.  (I hope that description made sense).  Basically, I want different sections with lists of articles under each.

Would UltimateWB work for that?  On the show case page I only saw websites for business, so I was wondering if it would be suitable for informational websites with articles as well.

UltimateWB Team
2 Fans
2 Friends
September 11, 2014 5:26 pm
(Reply to: Chris)

Yes, the UWB Full built-in Articles App works like that.

Articles App: http://www.ultimatewb.com/articles-app

Profile Picture
September 11, 2014 3:14 pm


Is it possible that you could create a "Site Updates" page if I purchased an Ultimate Web powered website.  By a Site Updates page I mean a page that automatically lists any new articles that have been added to the website with the date.  Since I plan to create a website with informational articles (and not a business website) I think that would be helpful for frequent visitors who want to see what's new.


UltimateWB Team
2 Fans
2 Friends
September 11, 2014 5:23 pm
(Reply to: Chris)

Yes, UWB Full has a built-in Articles Feed feature that you can use.  It is on the Admin Panel > Add/Edit Page.

Articles App: http://www.ultimatewb.com/articles-app

Feeds App: http://www.ultimatewb.com/feeds-app

Profile Picture
September 9, 2014 3:18 pm
FAQ about posting videos and site updates page

Hi, I have a couple of questions about ultimate web!

UltimateWB Team
2 Fans
2 Friends
September 9, 2014 5:12 pm
(Reply to: Chris)

Hi Chris, sure, please email your questions or post here!

September 8, 2014 1:23 pm
Software License Fee

Hi, In your FAQ section, I saw where one person asked about using UltimateWB for commercial/business funtions (to make money), and your company's response mentioned a "Software License Fee".

UltimateWB Team
2 Fans
2 Friends
September 8, 2014 5:41 pm
(Reply to: Amber)

Hi, you are free to use the software for commercial/business functions.  To use the software, there is a one-time software license fee.  You can buy the software at http://www.ultimatewb.com/buy (Purchase & Download > Buy Software tab).  Besides that, you will need a domain name and web hosting, which you can get at http://www.ultimatewb.com/domain-names-web-hosting  (Purchase & Download > Domain & Web Hosting tab), or from another company if you would like.

Meenatchi Sundaram
Profile Picture
February 18, 2014 10:58 am
Web site design related..
Hello there!! I'm from India.I want to create a B2C website like ebay , amazon etc.,The main thing is It must have a log in option for merchants like ebay and amazon.please fell free to contact me through my mail....Thank You !!
UltimateWB Team
2 Fans
2 Friends
February 18, 2014 4:59 pm
(Reply to: Meenatchi Sundaram)
Hi Meenatchi,Thanks for your question. UltimateWB does have built-in social networking apps that includes a login option, And you can create member groups too.
November 12, 2013 12:20 pm
You sound too good to be true!
Hi, I run a home based business as artist, healer and retreat owner. I have been designing my own websites since 2004, but have never managed to cope comfortably with Wordpress because all the themes are so structured, inflexible. As a tiny business I need to keep my design unique so it stands out and appeals to the right people - and I have not been able to do that with even the frames for WP. You sound like the perfect alternative for me, but before I purchase, I just wanted to make sure that I can do everything I want to do - sorry if this sounds like I’m being nagging and repetitive, but I am still a bit fragile after having open heart surgery. I think you guys sound like you can provide everything I need, but here’s my list:-1I want to start small, because at this stage of re-launching my business I only need about 20 static pages, but I will want to sell products, showcase my art, and maybe even someday add a blog :-( -. So can you confirm that these are easy to add later.2I already own two urls, one for my artwork and the other for the retreat and healing, and have hosting in place, I presume I can use your product on more than one site? 3 I really need to have good and reliable support to get started - though I’m normally able to pick things up pretty fast (except WP), will there be any problems as I am in Scotland, which I think means you are generally 7 hours behind us?4Mostly I just need very flexible and user friendly design tools, and guidance on how to use them.Look forward to hearing from you, and many thanks for your time and patience.All the best,Derby
UltimateWB Team
2 Fans
2 Friends
November 12, 2013 3:17 pm
it’s true!
Hi Derby,Thanks for your comment.1) There are no page limits with any version of UltimateWB software. You can set up your own online store with the easy e-commerce app that comes built-in with the full version of UltimateWB software. It also comes with an easy built-in blog that integrates nicely in your website. To showcase your art, you can make great use of the photo gallery app/photos app that comes with the lite/full versions. Based on your email, we would recommend you get the full version.2) Each software license is for one domain name only, as stated on the purchase page.3) We have many customers outside of the US, and have received very good feedback regarding our tech support, so it shouldn't be any problem! UltimateWB is very flexible software and our customers do find it to be much easier and secure than using wordpress for websites. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.
Steve Scheuerman
Profile Picture
September 29, 2013 4:40 pm
Importing existing content
How easy would it be to import content from...say...NING into Ultimate Web Builder?
UltimateWB Team
2 Fans
2 Friends
September 29, 2013 5:30 pm
(Reply to: Steve Scheuerman)
If you have access to the backend database of your original website, we can import your current members to UWB at no extra charge. If you don't have access to the backend database, you would need to recreate the content via the UWB admin panel. Other than importing the members, if you have other content you want to import, just let us know and we can help you with it. If you can email us the backend database of your website, we can provide you with a more detailed answer.
William Hill
Profile Picture
June 28, 2013 8:07 pm
Web building
Can this software be used to create web sites as a business or is it primarily used to create a single web site?Do you have a demo version to test out?
UltimateWB Team
2 Fans
2 Friends
June 29, 2013 12:23 am
(Reply to: William Hill)
Yes, businesses including web designers/developers do use UltimateWB to create websites. There is a software license fee for each domain, though we can offer bulk rate discounts, as well as discounts as an affiliate (Affiliate tab, www.ultimatewb.com/affiliates). We have online demos of the software available to try out free - just click on the Demo tab in the menu (www.ultimatewb.com/demolinks).
Profile Picture
June 4, 2013 4:20 pm
live twitter feed intergration and google maps
Do you offer the ability to intergrate live twitter feeds and google maps?
UltimateWB Team
2 Fans
2 Friends
June 4, 2013 5:55 pm
(Reply to: Charles)
Yes, you can integrate live twitter feeds and google maps easily in your website with UltimateWB software. Just copy/paste the provided code from Twitter or Google into an Ad(d) on your website admin panel, and then copy/paste the Ad(d) Placeholder Text where you want it on your website (Pages > Add/Edit Page).
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