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How To Backup Your Website From Your Web Hosting Control Panel

You can easily backup your website from your web hosting control panel, cPanel, using the built-in Backups tool!

1) Login to your web hosting control panel (refer to logging into cPanel tutorial here).

2) From your web hosting control panel, click on the "Backups" link/icon, shown here with the blue arrow:

Website Backups Tool


Here you have several options:


Web Hosting Backups Tool


You can generate a full website backup by clicking on the top "Download or Generate a Full Website Backup" button - as noted on the page, a full backup includes all of the files in your home directory, your MySQL databases, and your email forwarders and filters. You can back up your account to preserve your data, or to move your account to another cPanel server.

And then you also have options to download a backup of your Home Directory by clicking on the "Home Directory" button, or downloading a backup of your databases (mysql), by clicking on the Database name, in the Databases list.  (UltimateWB software only requires one database.)  

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