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To upload photos to your website, from the top menu bar go to the Photos > Add Photo tab.       On the Add Photo page, choose either a Photo Category to add the photo(s) to, or a Page.  You can also tag a photo to an...[ Read More... ]
You can add a watermark directly to your photo(s) on the Add/Edit Photo pages.  Choose the watermark transparency percentage and the watermark position on the photo(s).  You can Batch Watermark photos on the Add Photo page when using...[ Read More... ]
Use the easy text editor for adding text and inline photos to your page. You can add a table to the editor box to add more format stylings. Use the Insert image icon on the text editor box to add an image by inputting its URL. Or add photos from...[ Read More... ]
To add a photo or photos slideshow to your Page Photo Section, first you need to create a Photo Category for it.  From the top menu bar, go to Photos > Add Category,   On this page, fill in the form and then click the "Add Category"...[ Read More... ]
You can have multiple slideshows/categories attached to each page and displayed as thumbnails/links in a row or column for the web visitor to click to load.  You can choose to display the row of thumbnails/links under the header or above...[ Read More... ]
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