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Adding Photos / Slideshows / Photo Galleries To Page Photo Section

To add a photo or photos slideshow to your Page Photo Section, first you need to create a Photo Category for it.  

You can do this directly on the Add/Edit Page, as well as from the top menu bar.

...From the Add/Edit Page...

Manage photos & categories on page

When creating a new page, you can just checkmark the box for “Create new Photo Category for page” next to the Content Page Editor Box and click the button at the bottom of the page to add the page/save the page updates.

On the Edit Page, to go to the photo category/categories of a page, to upload photos for your photo gallery/slideshow, there is a Photo Categories link/count to easily view/manage Photo Categories associated with a page.


From the top menu bar...

Go to Photos > Add Category,

UWB, Add Photos Category


On this page, fill in the form and then click the "Add Category" button at the bottom. 

Configure Slideshow

Using this form you can configure the properties of the photo section / slideshow - you can even configure it to not be a slideshow if you want.  Choose to have thumbnails or not, the size of the thumbnails, thumbnail rows or thumbnail columns, the number of rows or columns to display the thumbnails in, to display captions or not, the type of slideshow, auto-play on or off, and lots more properties.

You can add sports photos from the Gym Chat Sports Network directly on the Add/Edit Category form by entering the Gym Chat code for the group of photos in the provided text field box. 

Look for the icon on Gym Chat for the Code.  Filling in the Gym Chat Code will make the category use the selected group of Gym Chat photos identified by the Code dynamically - i.e. updates made on Gym Chat for the selected group will be automatically reflected here. Gym Chat sports photos are automatically linked to their corresponding Gym Chat photo page, where users may read/post comments and get more info.

After creating your Photo Category, if you are not using Gym Chat photos, you will want to add photos to the category from your computer.  Go to the Photos > Add Photo tab, fill in the form, choosing to add to the Category you created, and either click the "Add Photo" or "Batch Upload" button at the bottom.  If you want to do a Batch Upload to upload more than one photo to the category easily and fast and/or to automatically resize your photo(s) to be web ready, then don't fill in the Photo File field.  You will select the photo file(s) in the Batch Upload form. 

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