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Public Profile Page

 Configure & Customize Member Public Profile Page

You can choose to use the Default or Custom Public Profile Page formatting, by selecting it on the Page Type menu in the Public Profile Page section on the Configure Site > Social Networking page.  Make sure to copy/paste the Public Profile Page Placeholder Text to the page where you want the Public Profile Page to appear, regardless of the type of formatting you choose.  As mentioned on the top of this page. the Placeholder Text is available on the top of the Members & Social Networking App section.  If you are using the Custom formatting for your Public Profile page, you can set up where everything goes on the page by copying/pasting the Placeholder Text for each member field, section, and buttons, such as the Fans section or Fan, Block, and Report button.  

Member fields will appear based on Default Privacy Settings & Member Privacy Settings. Password field not displayed. Fan/Block buttons display only if member is logged in with an Active account, and is not blocked by the member, and provided you are using those features in your website.

If you are using the Page Commenting & Rating feature, or the Private Messaging feature, member usernames and profile pictures/avatars will be clickable and automatically linked to their public profile page.

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