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If you are hosting your website with one of our web hosting packages, professional installation of the software is FREE!  And also installation of any software updates!! If not, you can follow the instructions on the  Resources >...[ Read More... ]
To login to your Admin Panel go to www.your-website.com/admin where "your-website.com" is the domain name for which you have registered the software, and "admin" is the folder name of your Admin Panel files.  If you haven't changed...[ Read More... ]
After logging in to your Admin Panel, click on the "Change Password" tab on the top left of any Admin Panel page. Just fill in the form to change your password, and optionally also your username.  For added security, changing your...[ Read More... ]
You can use Ultimate Web Builder software with your own previously registered domain name, or buy a new domain name, whether you are hosting with UltimateWB or hosting with another compatible web server. If you do choose one of the UltimateWB web...[ Read More... ]
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