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How To Easily & Automatically Create An RSS Feed For Your Website

RSS feeds are another way for your web audience to connect to/read your content.  And also you can use your rss feed page url (i.e. your-website.com/feed.xml) to share your website content and posts automatically to social networking websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. using one of the online tools available on the web.  It’s a very useful tool to increase your social reach and web traffic!

To easily create an RSS feed for your website you can use the built-in RSS Feed Generator Tool.  To configure, go to the Configure Site > RSS Feed Settings tab. 


RSS Feed Generator Settings Tool, Ultimate Web Builder software


On this page you can configure the feed generator tool: select the feed filename (xml), choose which kind of posts to include in the automatically generated rss feed (xml), add your custom website logo to your feed, add a custom copyright, and customize other settings.  


RSS Feed Generator Tool Settings Page, Ultimate Web Builder software


Choose to either run the feed generator manually (just click on the top link on this page to run), or set up a cron job (automatic script) from your web hosting control panel (no coding required).  To setup your server to run the RSS Feed Generator Tool automatically each day, just follow the server cron jobs setup instructions here.

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