Hosted Solution, Self-Hosted website, and the Best Option

There are two standard ways you can create, manage, and host your website online.

1) Hosted Solution.  This means that you are using an online service to both design/create your website, and host it online.  It is an all-in-one deal with a website builder and web hosting.  You can’t have one without the other.  Examples for simple website builders include Wix, Weebly, and VistaPrint, for e-commerce website builders include Volusion, BigCommerce, Shopify, and for social networking website builders include Wild Apricot, Ning, and SocialGo.  Off the bat you might feel like there is too much commitment required here, with little wiggle room or flexibility.  More on drawbacks of hosted solutions here.  To summarize, you stop paying your web hosting and you lose your website and have to start from scratch all over.  You are stuck with their web hosting plans and prices, which may be changed as they wish.

2) Self-Hosted Website.  You purchase the website builder (or scripts) and the web hosting separately, and install/run your website files on your server.  You can switch web hosting companies as you want, but you have to take care of any software/script installs, upgrading, etc.  Not so bad considering you are not stuck with one web hosting company and have the option of switching, and saving your website files.

…And now, 3) The BEST Option…includes the advantages of the hosted solution and self-hosted website.

Combination of the Best

Wouldn’t it be great to have the kind of full service you get with the hosted web solutions, coupled with the flexibility of a self-hosted website and download capabilities?  You can have that with UltimateWB, with the optional web hosting packages.  We take care of the software install and provide free upgrading services.



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