SocialGO vs Ning – best social networking website builder?

Comparing SocialGO vs Ning you will find that they are pretty similar.  They both provide a social networking website builder solution that is hosted – i.e. you have to use their web hosting.  Neither SocialGO nor Ning provide any software you can use on any web host, as they are hosted solutions.  Unfortunately, this means that you are forced to pay their monthly fees and even increased fees if they should decide to increase the costs – and if you don’t pay, you lose your website, your social networking website, and perhaps your members too, as you will have to start all over.  On the other hand, with Ultimate Web Builder software, there is just a one-time fee for the software – when you buy your software license, you don’t lose it or your website.  You can host with us or with another company if you choose.  If you decide you don’t want to pay the monthly hosting fees and want to take a break from your website, you can still have your backed-up website files, to use again when you want your website back online.

SocialGO and Ning are pay as you go… unfortunately they are also pay as you go feature-wise and growing-wise too.  You want more features you pay more, you want more disk space you pay more, you want a bigger social network website you pay more….etc. etc.

Ultimate Web Builder software is the best website builder software – and the best social networking website builder software, both in terms of cost and features.  Unlike SocialGO and Ning, you can check out a list of our software features online, and an online demo to test out the software – without having to sign up for a free limited-time trial account.

Ning Review – Ning vs Ultimate Web Builder – Top 10 reasons UWB wins as best social networking website builder

Update: check out this social network website builder comparison chart!

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