SocialGo vs Ning vs phpFox vs Wild Apricot vs UltimateWB – what is the best social network website builder?!

Do you want to build the next big thing, i.e. the next facebook, the next twitter, or just want to build your own social network?  You don’t have to know web coding to do it, and you don’t have to hire a web programmer to code it for you.  You can use a website builder.  All website builders are not the same, however, and all do not offer the same customization possibilities and flexibility – two things that are really important to a successful social networking website.  We have made it easy for you to compare side by side some of the most popular social networking website builders on the market today.  We compare the features for SocialGo vs Ning vs phpFox vs Wild Apricot vs Ultimate Web Builder here in this online social networking website builder comparison chart.  We believe in our product, Ultimate Web Builder, and that it is the #1 website builder choice for your social networking website!

Post your social networking building experiences!

SocialGO vs Ning – best social networking website builder?

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