PhotoShelter, Zenfolio, Squarespace et al. lack photo and download security

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You’re a photographer, artist, or designer.  You want to create a website showcasing your work.  Perhaps you want to sell digital photo downloads and add some income to your business.  What you don’t want is your images being copied/pasted elsewhere without your permission, or your downloadable content accessed by someone other than the customer who made the purchase.  It may sound pretty simple, and obvious as the way it should be, but the fact is that there are portfolio website builders that are not helping you do this, or not taking the correct steps to assure your website’s photos and downloads security – and this includes currently popular photography/artist/design website builders.  But there is a new solution on the market, and that is Ultimate Web Builder.

Let’s start with PhotoShelter.  While PhotoShelter does offer photo watermarking on a sitewide basis, or gallery basis, it is noted on their website that it can take up to 24 hours for changes to take into effect.  Not good.  Furthermore, if you are offering digital downloads for customers after purchase, PhotoShelter uses download links for the material, instead of creating secure access to it.  That means anyone can go to that link and download it.  That is not secure.  The shelter does not have a secure lock on it.

Another popular portfolio website builder – Zenfolio.  Zenfolio does not even offer a watermarking tool.  This means that if you want to protect your images on your website, you will need to use photoshop or another graphics editing software to apply watermarks one-by-one to each image.  And furthermore like PhotoShelter, Zenfolio also uses download links for the material, instead of creating secure access to it.

Then there are website builders that are not just portfolio builders, for photographers, artists, or designers, etc, though they do advertise and market themselves as providing a “great” solution to those fields.   Take for example SquareSpace.  But like Zenfolio, there is no batch watermarking tool and there is a lack of attention to photo and download security.  Similar to PhotoShelter, SquareSpace creates 1 day expiring download links to provide access to your paying customers, instead of using secure access procedures.  Now that is not great at all.

Now for the solution to all this: Ultimate Web Builder.  You get a watermarking tool – you can choose to individually watermark, or batch watermark photos.  You can choose your watermark image and save it for later use.  You can choose the level of transparency of your watermark and the location too.  And you can even choose to save a copy of your original image safely and securely in your website admin panel, for later access and option to revert back to it.  Regarding providing digital download access for your photos – Ultimate Web Builder does this securely too.  There is no specific download link that is accessible to everyone on the internet.  The customer logs into your website, and goes to their Downloads section where they can download what they purchased.  You can choose if this download access is processed automatically after the purchase is confirmed by your website backend system, and how long to give access to this download from your admin panel.

There are also many other benefits to going with Ultimate Web Builder for your website, such as your choice of web hosting.  Your website is yours and does not close when you want to change web hosts.  Check out the Portfolio (Photogaphy, Artist, Designer) Website Builder Comparison Chart!

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The benefits of an all-in-one website builder like Ultimate Web Builder

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