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Easy way to get more views on your Facebook video

One easy difference in how you post videos on Facebook makes such a big difference in the number of views you get how fast.  It’s so easy.  Just upload your video directly to Facebook vs uploading it just to YouTube … Continue reading

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Why buying Facebook Likes is not a good idea – even directly from Facebook, critic explains

There are 2 ways to buy Facebook Likes for your Facebook page – (1) Buy thousands of Facebook Likes cheap the illegal way (against Facebook TOS) from “click farms”, or (2) Buy direct from Facebook by paying Facebook to promote … Continue reading

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What type of website do you want to create?

You can vote on the type of website you want to create on the UltimateWB homepage, and after voting check out the poll results on what type of website other people are planning to create!  Aren’t polls fun?!  You can … Continue reading

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Upgrade UWB 3.1 – Forms & Surveys builder, Polls app, Top/Footer non-scrolling bars, Responsive & Flowing Design Updates, Classifieds app

We have a big upgrade release coming soon, Ultimate Web Builder 3.1!  Features added include: 1) Forms & Surveys Builder – Build as many custom forms and surveys as you want.  Unlike 3rd party form builder applications you don’t have … Continue reading

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“The Internship” with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson – great pr for Google

It’s Friday night, time for movie date night.  We all heard that it’s great to work at Google – the food, the relaxed environment, and the other various perks, and now there’s a movie on it.  From the hit movie … Continue reading

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