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What is the purpose and how do I set up a sitemap on my e-commerce website?

A sitemap is a good way to tell the search engines what webpages they should crawl, to index your pages quicker and easier. You can setup up a sitemap easily with UltimateWB – it has a built-in sitemap generator, as … Continue reading

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Does using cheap shared hosting for a site or a blog impact the rankings for that site or blog?

It depends on whether your website loads fast or not – if it doesn’t, it does impact your search engine rankings for your website/blog. The reason for slow website loads can be because of your website/blog itself, and/or the server … Continue reading

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Should you use H1 Tags for better SEO, search engine ranking, and more organic traffic?

The short, quick answer is: If you want…you don’t have to have H1 tags, you can have 1 H1 tag per page, you can have multiple H1 tags per page – having H1 tags it is not a determining factor … Continue reading

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Google To Favor “Mobile Friendly” Websites In Search Starting Tuesday

Is your website mobile friendly?  If your website is not by this Tuesday you could be dramatically losing traffic to your website from smartphone users!  This coming Tuesday Google plans on rolling out their new revised formula in calculating who gets … Continue reading

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WWW or no WWW – That is the question

We are talking about whether your website is “www.your-website.com” or just “your-website.com” .  You want your website to be accessible both ways of course, whether the user types in the “www” or not (most people won’t take the extra time … Continue reading

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How backlinks can hurt your website’s SEO, Google Page Rank, and traffic

Here’s a scenario: You thought you were doing something good by hiring a marketing company to do some SEO (search engine optimization) and social media/pr for you.  Ultimately, to increase your search engine ranking, your Google page rank, and traffic to … Continue reading

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Should you get .com, .org, and .net domain names – all the tld’s?

If you ask GoDaddy, the answer is yes, right?  When you try to buy a domain name with GoDaddy you are repeatedly urged to purchase the other top level domain names (tld’s) available for purchase, your-name.com and your-name.org, and your-name.net …even your-name.biz and … Continue reading

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What are pretty or clean URLs? They are good and UltimateWB has them!

If you’re shopping around for a website builder, chances are you came across the term pretty URLs, or clean URLs.  If you’re wondering what makes a url pretty or clean, here’s the scoop. First things first, it’s good to know … Continue reading

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Easily create your website sitemap – new built-in Sitemap Generator Tool!

If you have been wondering how you can easily create your own website sitemap and what code is necessary…and worried about the hassle of having to repeatedly update your website sitemap with the addition of each new webpage, or even … Continue reading

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