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New Year and New Ultimate Web Builder Software Upgrade 6.4

UltimateWB website builder software upgrade 6.4 has been released for all versions: Full, Lite, Essentials+, PromoU, and Promo. New features have been added and an even more user friendly CMS to make the web development process a lot faster, easier, … Continue reading

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Why do some websites remove .HTML from the URL?

It is more user friendly and SEO friendly to have “clean urls” that are easy to read and remember. A lot of website builders, like UltimateWB, let you choose the page URL without the .html, or whatever the extension is. … Continue reading

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Ultimate Web Builder Responsive Check Tool

UltimateWB software – all versions sincelu UltimateWB 3.4! – come with a built-in Responsive App that can beused to easily create a mobile website in minutes, if not seconds.   To easily check how your website looks on different devices/screen sizes, … Continue reading

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Get helpful website creating tips on the Support Forums!

Besides posting your questions on the new Support Forums, you can also browse through helpful website tips!  So far, added tips include how to organize your drop down menus so that they are user friendly and how to make your YouTube … Continue reading

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Wix website builder does not offer clean & pretty urls

Update June 2016: Wix now offers clean & pretty urls to its customers on the main pages, but not all pages like product pages, as noted on their website. If you choose Wix as your website builder, you will not … Continue reading

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