What benefits do breadcrumbs have for the SEO of a website or blog site?

Breadcrumbs in action on the UltimateWB Forum, using the UltimateWB website builder.

Breadcrumbs offer a two-fold benefit for SEO: they improve user experience (UX) which indirectly helps SEO, and they also send signals directly to search engines like Google about your website structure.

Improved User Experience:

  • Clearer Navigation: Breadcrumbs act like a mini-map for users, letting them see their current location within the website’s hierarchy and providing a way to navigate back to higher-level pages. This is especially helpful for complex websites or those with deep content structures.
  • Enhanced Browsing: By giving users a sense of where they are, breadcrumbs encourage them to explore other sections of your website. This can lead to more pageviews and a longer time spent on the site, both of which are positive SEO signals.

SEO Benefits:

  • Better Site Structure: Breadcrumbs help search engines understand how your website’s pages are interconnected and organized. This can improve the crawling and indexing efficiency of search engine bots.
  • Stronger Internal Linking: Breadcrumbs function as internal links, pointing to relevant higher-level pages. This reinforces your website’s internal linking structure, which is a crucial factor in SEO.
  • Contextualization: Search engines like Google can use breadcrumbs to understand the context of a particular page on your website. This can be beneficial for ranking your website for relevant long-tail keywords.

In short, breadcrumbs are a user-friendly feature that can also provide a slight SEO boost. By implementing them on your website, you can create a more positive experience for visitors and potentially improve your search rankings.

How to Implement Breadcrumbs on your website

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