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Should you get SSL for your website? Top 5 Reasons to go HTTPS, and Top 5 Drawbacks

Top 5 reasons to purchase SSL for your website, in David Letterman style, without the jokes lol: 5) Increased Google Ranking Earlier we wrote about how adding SSL may give you a bump up in your Google search engine ranking, … Continue reading

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Google Uses HTTPS (SSL) as a Website Ranking Signal

Last year in August, Google announced that it would use “HTTPS” as a ranking signal.  HTTPS denotes that a website’s server has SSL installed, a security technology to encrypt the transfer of data, between the web server and user internet browser … Continue reading

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Google To Favor “Mobile Friendly” Websites In Search Starting Tuesday

Is your website mobile friendly?  If your website is not by this Tuesday you could be dramatically losing traffic to your website from smartphone users!  This coming Tuesday Google plans on rolling out their new revised formula in calculating who gets … Continue reading

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How to switch your web hosting/website builder AND Keep Your SEO/Ranking/Traffic

All the hard work into creating your website, building links to your webpages and celebrating your first page ranking on Google…you don’t want to lose all that after switching your web hosting and/or website builder.  So how to keep your … Continue reading

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Google Analytics vs Awstats – which is better, more accurate, useful?

It can be very useful to check your website traffic statistics as you are working on growing your website popularity and reach.  You want to increase your website visitors and want to know which pages are getting the most attention, … Continue reading

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WWW or no WWW – That is the question

We are talking about whether your website is “” or just “” .  You want your website to be accessible both ways of course, whether the user types in the “www” or not (most people won’t take the extra time … Continue reading

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How to make money on your website

There are several ways to monetize your website, to not only earn the money for your web hosting costs, but to make a profit. 1) An obvious way is to sell something.  It can be a product or a service, a subscription … Continue reading

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How backlinks can hurt your website’s SEO, Google Page Rank, and traffic

Here’s a scenario: You thought you were doing something good by hiring a marketing company to do some SEO (search engine optimization) and social media/pr for you.  Ultimately, to increase your search engine ranking, your Google page rank, and traffic to … Continue reading

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