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What’s the best way to set up a website for a budding entertainer?

Use UltimateWB – it’s very easy to use, flexible, and has a lot of features and built-in apps that are very customizable. You can create any type of website with it. Plus, UltimateWB is great for building a website for … Continue reading

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Easy way to get more views on your Facebook video

One easy difference in how you post videos on Facebook makes such a big difference in the number of views you get how fast.  It’s so easy.  Just upload your video directly to Facebook vs uploading it just to YouTube … Continue reading

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What cross-browser/cross-platform compatibility means, and why it is important for your website!

You work on your website SEO (search engine optimization), build organic traffic to your website through blog posting, articles, and webpage content, work on your social media, and perhaps purchase some kind of advertising or pass out your business cards … Continue reading

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