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Do I need to learn WordPress, JavaScript, and Python to get into web development?

You should either learn coding or use a platform for web development. For coding, I would go with html, css, js, and php/mysql. For a website builder/platform, I would go with UltimateWB. If you want to make a blog, WordPress … Continue reading

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Is HTML and CSS enough to create a website?

For a basic website, yes. For a website with a contact form, or for more advanced features like a login system, you will also need php/mysql and javascript. Alternatively, you can also use a website builder that does the coding … Continue reading

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Can HTML, CSS and JavaScript create a website?

Yes, for a basic website. If you want something that talks to the server – i.e. for posting comments, a login system, etc. – you also need something like php. Or you can just use a website builder like UltimateWB … Continue reading

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Wix website builder does not offer clean & pretty urls

Update June 2016: Wix now offers clean & pretty urls to its customers on the main pages, but not all pages like product pages, as noted on their website. If you choose Wix as your website builder, you will not … Continue reading

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Google Analytics vs Awstats – which is better, more accurate, useful?

It can be very useful to check your website traffic statistics as you are working on growing your website popularity and reach.  You want to increase your website visitors and want to know which pages are getting the most attention, … Continue reading

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What cross-browser/cross-platform compatibility means, and why it is important for your website!

You work on your website SEO (search engine optimization), build organic traffic to your website through blog posting, articles, and webpage content, work on your social media, and perhaps purchase some kind of advertising or pass out your business cards … Continue reading

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Flashy photo galleries and slideshows that work on ipad & smart phones too!

You want all that Flash.  You want your website to be interesting.  But you want your website to be user friendly, and accessible to website visitors on any type of computer they are connected to the Internet with – including … Continue reading

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