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UltimateWB Full 6.2 upgrade for built-in social apps optimization

We have just released UltimateWB 6.2 for the Full version. It includes code optimizations and increased loading speeds for the built-in social apps. You can play around with the new software update and admin panel on our demos! Check out the … Continue reading

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How to get your website to load faster

You want a fast website – you need a fast website if you want web traffic.  Chances are if your website doesn’t load in the first second, you lose that web visitor.  The AOL dial-up connection is no more, but … Continue reading

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Why use “WWW” for your website?

You have 2 options for the url display of your website – with the “www” in the beginning, or without the “www”, otherwise known as a “naked domain”.  That terminology itself might persuade you to lean towards the “www” version for your website, and … Continue reading

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