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Essential Elements for a Successful Business Website

In today’s digital era, a well-designed and effective business website is crucial for establishing a strong online presence, attracting customers, and driving business growth. Whether you are a startup or an established company, understanding the essential elements that contribute to … Continue reading

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Newest Mac Operating System has security hole: how to avoid getting hacked

If your Mac is using that latest Operating System (OS) version, Mac OS Sierra, your computer may be hackable due to a security flaw Apple is trying to resolve asap.  Security researchers disclosed the bug Tuesday that allows anyone from … Continue reading

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Jimmy Kimmel hacks your passwords by just asking, lol

How strong are your internet passwords?  Are they easy to guess, contain information you have posted on social media sites?  In this hilarious video, Jimmy Kimmel shows viewers how easy it is to hack someone’s internet password.  It is actually … Continue reading

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Hackers target Apple devices: iPhone, iPod, iPad, Mac OS computers

Consumers with Apple products who thought they were immune to hackers and viruses on their macs and other apple products because they chose Apple over PC and android are in for a surprise.  A warning has been issued for anyone … Continue reading

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How to get rid of recurring internet pop-up ads and malware on your computer

Just like website builders, all websites are not built the same.  Some unfamiliar websites you happen to visit from your google search or an email link (really not a good idea to click on email links you don’t know!) , … Continue reading

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