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What are the most important things to consider when setting up security for your website?

Keep your website builder/platform upgraded, have SSL on your web hosting, have strong passwords. I also like to avoid using third party plugins – you can do that easily without being a coder by using UltimateWB. UltimateWB has a lot … Continue reading

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PhotoShelter, Zenfolio, Squarespace et al. lack photo and download security

You’re a photographer, artist, or designer.  You want to create a website showcasing your work.  Perhaps you want to sell digital photo downloads and add some income to your business.  What you don’t want is your images being copied/pasted elsewhere … Continue reading

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How to reduce your website spam with a Contact Form vs Posted Email Address

Spiders are not just the lovable daddy long legs like on “Honey I shrunk the Kids”, or the creepy crawlers that give you the puffed up eye lid morning present.  On the internet, they are used to “scrape” emails off … Continue reading

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LinkedIn, eHarmony social networking sites hacked, passwords leaked, poor security

LinkedIn, a popular professional social networking website, and eHarmony, a paid subscription social networking dating site, both confirmed Wednesday their sites have been hacked.  The breach in the database security was found when the hacker(s) posted the list of 8 million … Continue reading

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