What do you need to create your own website?

You need the following three things to create your own website:

1) Domain Name – i.e. www.your-website.com .  This is the URL of your website, the website address your website can be found.  It can be a .com address, .org, .net, and several other domain name extensions.

2) Web Hosting – this puts your website online, and makes it available for others logging onto the internet to access your website.

3) The website itself!  Best is to use Ultimate Web Builder for your website builder – the best website builder software to use, whether you are a beginner with no experience, or an advanced programmer looking for great backend software that cuts the web development time necessary, with no cost to flexibility.

You can buy your domain name, web hosting, and Ultimate Web Builder software on the Purchase & Download page.  You can also use Ultimate Web Builder software with your domain name and/or web hosting purchased from another company, if you would like.

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