Dreamweaver for beginners? Dreamweaver for web designers, programmers?

Wondering if you need to know coding to create a website with Dreamweaver?  The straight answer is Yes.  Here’s top 3 reasons why:

1) If you want a website that will work on all the major internet browsers correctly, and look right on all major internet browsers too (like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox), using Dreamweaver’s tools won’t cut it.  You need to know css and web coding to fix Dreamweaver’s auto-code.  How many times have you noticed questions on Yahoo Answers or craigslist requesting help in making their website work on all the major intenet browsers?!

2) Do you want more than a static website? – static meaning no user interactivity.  No login forms, or mailing list, shopping cart, photo galleries, slideshows, etc.  You will need to know coding for that.  There is no tools or built-in apps like in Ultimate Web Builder. 

3) Do you want to easily manage your website?  With dreamweaver, not only will your website not come with an admin panel for you to easily manage your website from any computer with an internet connection, you will have to spend more time creating and updating your website.  For example, if you want to change something in your page header – on every webpage – you will have to go in every page in dreamweaver to make the change – unless you know php coding, or another similar web programming language.  Unlike with Ultimate Web Builder.

Whether you’re a beginner, total novice to the website creating world, or a web designer, or even web programmer looking for software to speed up the web development process, Ultimate Web Buider is the best choice for you!

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