Lots of website builders to choose from, how to choose the right one for you?

Whether you Google “best website builder” or “e-commerce website builder” or “social networking website builder” or “business website builder” or “portfolio website builder” or “easy website builder” – you get the point – there are pages and pages of different website builders to choose from.  Confused by all the choices of website builders?  Don’t know which website builder you should choose and how to choose the best website builder for you?  Don’t worry, even if you are completely new to web designing you can still create your own website.  No matter what type of website you want to build,  the checklist for how to choose the right website builder for you is the same.  And here it is:

1) Features – check out the features list of each website builder.  Does it have all the features you need built-in?

2) Expandability – does the website builder allow you to extend the features with custom coding? This can be really important – you don’t want to have to start your website all over because you can’t have a feature you need.

3) Customizability – how much can you customize your website with the website builder? Are there limits to how much you can customize?  Will your website look like everyone else’s using the same website builder and/or design templates?

4) Templates or Custom Design – what does the website builder offer in terms of design?  Do you have to choose from ready-made templates and customize those, or can you create your own custom design/template?

5) SEO = does the website builder offer a built-in SEO tool?  Does it use coding that will enable your website to be found by Google, Yahoo, and other search engines, and also help you rank on top of the search engines?

6) Compatibility & Accessibility – does the website builder create websites that will work on smartphones and tablets, besides laptops/desktop computers, and also display correctly on the major internet browsers?

7) Web Hosting – what type of web hosting can you use with the website builder?  Are you forced to use their web hosting, or can you use the web hosting of your choice?

8) Tech Support – do they offer tech support for the website builder?

9) And of course Cost – is there a one-time fee for the website builder, or do you pay monthly/yearly?  Is it free but with ads, or limitations?  Are there any hidden costs? Will you need to hire an expert to help you with it?

10) It would be nice to round this out as 10 items in the list, right?!  Let’s make #10, Is it UltimateWB software?!  :-)

Ok, so let’s go through the list for Ultimate Web Builder software.

1) UltimateWB has a HUGE list of features and built-in apps.  No other software has more features.

2) UltimateWB is expandable with custom coding, unlike other website builders.

3) You can fully customize your website with UltimateWB.

4) You can design your own template/style with UltimateWB.

5) UltimateWB has a built-in SEO tool and even a sitemap generation tool to further help your search engine ranking.  Also, UltimateWB uses search-engine friendly (and user-friendly!) coding, such as javascript coding for flash-like animations.  And also clean & user-friendly/search-engine friendly URLs.

6) UltimateWB is cross-browser and cross-platform compatible software.  This means that you website visitors can access your website on their smartphone, tablet, or laptop/desktop computer, and on the various major internet browsers.  And, you can also even design, create, and manage your website from your smartphone and tablet too if you want, not just your laptop/desktop computer!

7) With UltimateWB, you can choose to host here, or choose your own web hosting – even your web hosting options are flexible!

8) UltimateWB offers free tech support!

9) There are three versions of UltimateWB software, starting from under $50 – flat rate price.  You only have to pay once for the software.  Choose the version based on what features you want built-in.  With UltimateWB, you will save lots of money on web development costs and web development time.

10) This one is easy, YES!


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