Website hosting – why you need it for your website

Website hosting is needed for every website – if you purchase a website software and you don’t need to purchase website hosting separately BEWARE!  What it means is that you will be using that company’s web hosting server and if you ever choose to take a break in the monthly hosting payments your website is gone – you have no files – nothing.  With RE Designs Ultimate Web Builder that is not the case – you can host your website with any web hosting company or you can choose to host with us to take advantage of some perks – such as free professionial installation of the software AND of updates!  You only pay a one-time fee for the Ultimate Web Builder and use it for building your website.  If you ever choose to take a break, you still have your website files – you don’t lose anything.  Don’t rent your website – it is more expensive!!  Buy Ultimate Web Builder now and take advantage of our special launch offer pricing – ONLY $199!

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