When do you need a secured server, i.e. SSL certificate for your website?

UPDATE: Get more info/updated recommendations on SSL in the newer blog post, Should you get SSL for your website? Top 5 Reasons to go HTTPS, and Top Drawbacks

You don’t need to know that SSL for websites stands for Secure Sockets Layer.  But you do need to know what they are used for, to then figure out if your website needs it!

SSL is the standard security technology for encrypting data passed between the web server and browser, and ensuring private information remains private.  If your website is asking for private information, such as credit card information or other payment information, you need an SSL certificate.  You can get around this extra cost by using a payment gateway system such as PayPal to process your payments – they take care of all the security necessary.

It’s not a need or have to, but you might also want an SSL if you’re website is passing around any private information, such as if you have a social networking website.  Or, you just might want a SSL to make your website look more official and secure.

You will want to get a verified/signed SSL rather than a free self-signed SSL in order for the internet browser to not prompt your website visitors with a warning regarding your website’s security, and that it might not be safe.

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