All UltimateWB web hosting come with FREE SSL!

Free SSLWe are happy to announce that all UltimateWB web hosting packages now come with free SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)!  SSL encrypts data passed between your web server and your website visitor’s internet browser, to keep private information private and data secure.  This is especially important if your website accepts private and sensitive information such as credit card information or personal data – i.e. on an e-commerce website not utilizing a secure payment gateway system like PayPal (built-in option in UltimateWB e-commerce app!), or on a social networking website.

It is important to add SSL for your website and make your website as secure as possible for any type of website actually – Google uses SSL as a ranking factor.  Don’t forget about SEO to get that high search engine ranking!

The UltimateWB web hosting free SSL covers your website for your domain with and without the “www”.  You can opt to upgrade your SSL to Premium SSL to get your domain name and company validated and have your website display a green browser bar.  Upgrade your SSL to Wildcard for unlimited sub domains.  Note: Rather than the Wildcard SSL, you can alternatively just use the URLs and, for example (which is how Ultimate Web Builder software works by default).  Wildcard SSL does not include the Premium SSL Features.

All UltimateWB web hosting packages SSL types include:

  • Free installation on your server
  • 2048 bit CSR
  • 1 certificate protects www/no-www website,
    i.e. AND
  • https:// prefix
  • Padlock icon
  • 99.9% Browser Recognition
  • Verification Seal

Currecomodo securently, the UltimateWB web hosting packages SSL certificates are issued by Comodo, a very reputable SSL company.

So’ this free SSL is the real deal, verified/signed SSL – not your self-signed free SSL certificates that would pop-up security warnings for most internet browsers.

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Current UltimateWB web hosting customers: We will be emailing you this week to confirm your complimentary SSL upgrade.  If your account already has the standard SSL installed (vs Premium SSL or Wildcard SSL), it has already been configured to renew automatically for free before the certificate expiration date.

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