How to create a unique custom social networking website using software

It is actually a myth that if you want a unique and custom social networking website, you can’t create your website with a website builder software.  The truth is that you cannot do it with ALL website builders, or just any website builder on the market.  The reason is simple – most website builders don’t give you the flexiblity you need.  For example, with the GoDaddy Website Tonight website builder, Yahoo SiteBuilder, Wix, Weebly, and VistaPrint SiteBuilder [compare here], not only don’t they have social networking features you will need, but you also cannot add/edit your own coding – actually not good for any type of website.

What type of website builder software do you need?  There are features that are common to all social networking websites – login, register, profile, profile picture, perhaps photos, commenting, adding fans, inbox and private messaging, to name some.  You want a website builder like UltimateWB that not only has these base features, but you can customize.  And like in UltimateWB, you want to be able to add/edit your own coding, if necessary.  Why build your website totally from scratch and waste time on the common features?  Even big websites like Facebook have been built on already generated code, as they have discussed in the Developers section.  Then you can spend the necessary time – and money – on what sets your website apart from the rest.

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