New One-Page Website Tool feature for all versions, UWB Full Search tool upgrade in UltimateWB 7.5!

Demo Lite, One-Page website example

We are very excited to provide a new easy way to convert your simple website into a 1-page website. In the new UltimateWB 7.5 upgrade, with the click of a button you can switch your website into a 1-page website with all the sections on one page, and also switch it back with another click of a button. Read more about it on our user manual topic, How to switch your website into a one-page website . We have included this tool for all UltimateWB versions, UltimateWB Full, Lite, Essentials+, PromoU, and Promo.

This upgrade also includes a new Relevant Matches search option for all UltimateWB Full social apps: Articles, Listings Directory, Classifieds, Scrapbooks, Photo Uploads, Video Uploads, Audio Uploads, File Uploads, Forum, Calendar Events. This allows users to search based on relevance of a phrase or sentence, rather than an exact phrase match. It is the feature we are using for the UltimateWB Knowledge Base . You can enter in what you are looking for in the top search box, as a sentence, and the relevant user manual articles will display for you. You can give users the option to choose between “Relevant Matches” or “Exact Matches”, and/or set the default search option for your website. Set a different or same search option for Basic Search vs Advanced Search, for example set Basic Search to use the “Relevant Matches” search, and give users the option to also choose to search by “Exact Matches” in the title, keywords, content.

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More upgrades in UltimateWB 7.4 for all versions!

Software hardware update and upgrade words made of wooden cubes

We have recently released an upgrade for all versions of UltimateWB website builder, UltimateWB 7.4.

This includes coding upgrades to the Contact Form app (all UltimateWB versions), Mailing List app (UltimateWB Full/Lite), and all the built-in Social apps (UltimateWB Full). There are also upgrades to the built-in WordPress blog integration, for responsive formatting, mobile friendliness, and plugins for the Facebook Like and Social Bookmarking buttons with SSL.

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Database Backup Tool Upgraded in UltimateWB 7.3

We have just recently released UltimateWB 7.3 upgrades for all versions of our website builder: Full, Lite, Essentials+, PromoU, and Promo. The Database Backup Tool has been upgraded to run faster and better. UltimateWB 7.3 also includes an upgrade to the Audio Uploads App for the UltimateWB Full version. And various coding upgrades for all software versions.

Check out UltimateWB 7.3 on our Demos!

We welcome your feedback!

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Responsive App Upgrade!

We have recently released an upgrade for the Responsive app in UltimateWB Full, Lite, and Essentials+, upgrade 7.2.

If you are using the non-scrolling top menu feature on your website, with the right/left sides content added to the menu bar , you will want these new responsive customization options. Namely, you can now update the width of the non-scrolling top menu bar based on a user’s screen size. No coding necessary – just update the fields on your admin panel Styles Manager, Responsive section.

You can check this new Responsive app feature out on our website – scroll down and the menu bar jumps to the top, with the UltimateWB logo on the left side of the menu, and the shopping cart icon on the right:

UltimateWB homepage
UltimateWB homepage
UltimateWB homepage, non-scrolling top menu bar
UltimateWB homepage, scroll down for non-scrolling top menu bar to display at top

Resize your internet browser window to simulate a user’s different device screen size, and you will find that the menu widths adjust accordingly, for a very user friendly experience:

UltimateWB homepage on a smaller device screen size
Non-scrolling top menu bar on a smaller screen size

And, of course, there is still the Responsive feature geared towards smartphone screen sizes, where the menu button is used rather than the menu row:

UltimateWB homepage on smartphone device screen sizes
Non-scrolling top menu bar on smartphone device screen sizes

This new Responsive app upgrade is not applicable to UltimateWB Promo and PromoU, as those two versions don’t include the left/right content options for the menu. UltimateWB Promo/PtomoU do have the non-scrolling top menu feature though, with the option to set the menu width at a different value than the page’s menu width.

Hope you like the new upgrade! You can test it out on the Demos, now available under the Features tab on the top menu bar. Any questions, just ask.

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UltimateWB 7.1 Upgrade: making it easier to have sleek website design

UltimateWB 7.1 upgrade for the Full version has been released. We added some new options to make it easier to make your website look sleek and minimalistic – often times associated with a modern website design.

Social App Upgrade: Members Login Display Option Added

  • Option to display “Forgot Password” link only after user click on the Login link, for a sleeker one-line login/register links display

E-commerce App Upgrade: Shopping Cart Display Option Added

  • Option to display just the # of items, rather than the word “item” or “items” after the value

You can check out both of these options in action on our website. Click on the top “Login” link and the login boxes appear, along with the “Forgot Password” link. And check out the top right shopping cart button, with the number of items in the cart overlay on the button.

For the shopping cart button display, we have added some custom coding, using the Styles Manager, Extras section. You can add this too, if you like it:

#cartitems {margin-left:-20px;background-color:#0099ff;padding:2px;color:#ffffff;font-weight:bold;}

The “margin-left” is what moves the number of items text, in this case to the left, as the value is set to -20px. The “background-color” is set to the bluish background color of the number of items text. The “padding” adds some padding to the background-color, so the number of items text has breathing room. The “color” is the color for the number of items text. And the “font-weight” is set to bold, to have the number of items text to be bold and more clear on top of the shopping cart button.

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Ultimate Web Builder 7 Upgrade!

New software updates for Ultimate Web Builder software is available! We have upgraded the coding.

Try out the demos at .

We welcome your feedback!

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Branding Free License for Ultimate Web Builder

You can get the Branding Free License Add-On for your Ultimate Web Builder software to remove the “Powered By UltimateWB” line on the footer of your website frontend. 

If you have bought UltimateWB software, add it from the Branding Free License page:

If you are on a Cloud plan, you can add it directly from that page:

Please note this does not allow you to rebrand the UltimateWB software with another name, so it is not white label.

In any case, you can also add your own “Website Designed By” or “Copyright” lines to the footer as well – no add-on required.

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UltimateWB Full 6.91 upgrade release – Member Profile Banner Option added

We have just recently released UltimateWB Full 6.91 upgrade to include a member profile banner feature. Much like the member profile picture feature, you can set the default banner picture, minimum dimensions requirements, resizing dimensions, and maximum file upload size. And of course, customize the language phrases for it.

This upgrade also includes the option to display the logged in member’s profile picture and/or banner by copying/pasting Placeholder Text. You can get this Placeholder Text from the the Configure Site > Social Networking, Public Profile section.

We welcome your feedback!

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UltimateWB 6.9 upgrade released for all versions: Menu & social upgrades

We have just recently released the UltimateWB 6.9 upgrade for all versions: UltimateWB Full, Lite, Essentials+, PromoU, and Promo!

This website builder upgrade include a new feature for UltimateWB Full, Lite, Essentials+: the Menu Plus App.

  • Create additional menus besides the top menu
  • Organize pages into different menus from the Add/Edit Page
  • Copy/Paste the Placeholder Text for the Menu Plus to where you want it, and that’s where it will display
  • Choose styling for Menu Plus: Horizontal Menu or Vertical Menu that is automatically stylized based on your page stylesheet

We have also include menu upgrades for all UltimateWB versions.

And, this UltimateWB 6.9 upgrade also includes a Timeline App upgrade for UltimateWB Full. You can now customize the privacy icons display based on privacy setting for that post – i.e. for public post, private post, members only post, friends only post, custom post, etc. Similar to Facebook posts.

Hope you like it, and we welcome your feedback!

Try it out on the demos:

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UltimateWB Full 6.8 Upgrade: Members app spam controls help added

We love to listen to feedback from our social networking website customers and this one is for helping managing spamming by ips. On the List Members page, you can click on the “Show 100 Most Used IP’s” and then use that info to search members by ip, and choose any appropriate action such as delete or ban.

One of the major solutions to help control spam in the registration form is to enable the Question & Answer Captcha that was introduced in UltimateWB 6.1. This addition will help especially to control spamming before the Question & Answer Captcha was integrated.

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