UltimateWB 4.9 software upgrade for all website builder versions

upgrade software

You can check out the newest UltimateWB software versions on our online Demos available under the Resources tab on our website  at ultimatewb.com.

The UltimateWB 4.9 software upgrade is for all 5 of our website builder versions: Promo, PromoU, Lite, Essentials+, and Full.  The updates include:

SEO Update: All Versions

CSS Styles Update: All Versions

Facebook Social Meta Tags Update: Full Version

If you are hosting with UltimateWB, email us if you would like your account upgraded for you to the newest website builder version.   You can also download the newest updates from your UltimateWB account Downloads section.

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UltimateWB Full 4.8 upgrade released!


We have made some coding updates for the UltimateWB Full version.  You can play around with the new version on the Demo page, and check out what’s new here.

If you have a hosted account with UltimateWB with the Full version and active updates, please email if you would like the upgrade to be installed on your account, free of charge.  You can also download the UltimateWB Full software upgrade on your UltimateWB account, via the Downloads section.

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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

Warmest wishes for a very happy holiday season and new year!

This year we have upgraded all UltimateWB web hosting packages to include free SSL.  If you are hosting your website with UltimateWB and have not yet confirmed you would like the free upgrade to SSL, please email us.  Not hosting with us yet?  You can find our web hosting packages under the “Purchase & Download” tab at ultimatewb.com .

Also this year, we are excited that three websites built on the UltimateWB platform, and featured on our Showcase page at www.ultimatewb.com/showcase , have successfully launched smartphone apps on Google Play and the App Store.

Friends Match Me – Totally free dating app
UltimateWB Hosted

Get app on Google Play Download app on the Apple store

Shout Out Universe – Send your messages to the Universe and help others send their messages too!
UltimateWB Hosted

Get app on Google PlayDownload app on the Apple store

Me We Too – Find out who’s like You!
UltimateWB Hosted

Get app on Google Play Download app on the Apple store

All versions of UltimateWB software include the Responsive app for a user-friendly experience on mobile devices and devices of varying sizing.  While we do not include built-in smartphone apps in UltimateWB software, customized smartphone apps can be built for your website using the same database as your website, for a seamless user experience.  You can get more info on custom smartphone apps built on the UltimateWB database at RE Designs.

We are accepting new Ultimate Web Builder feature requests for review!  You can get more info on how feature requests are reviewed and implemented at www.ultimatewb.com/request-features .

Please follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ultimatewb and Twitter at https://twitter.com/uwbsoftware !

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Free Friday Shipping is today, and 10% off all UltimateWB software!

free shipping day is here

You can find the Free Friday Shipping offer on a lot of online stores today, and on UltimateWB you can get 10% off all versions of UltimateWB software!  Use promo code 10FridayFreeShipping to redeem the offer for your website builder, on the UltimateWB View Cart page.   One-day sale!

10 percent off website builder

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Newest Mac Operating System has security hole: how to avoid getting hacked

Apple Max laptop security

If your Mac is using that latest Operating System (OS) version, Mac OS Sierra, your computer may be hackable due to a security flaw Apple is trying to resolve asap.  Security researchers disclosed the bug Tuesday that allows anyone from anywhere to hack into your computer remotely just by logging in as “root” for the username, and leaving the password field blank – after clicking the unlock button twice anyone can have unauthorized access to your computer and files.  It may be also a good way to get into your computer if you forgot your password – but a better way would be to use Apple’s 2-way authenticate feature to retrieve/reset your passwords.

Apple released the following statement on the issue, with advice on how to avoid getting hacked until the bug is resolved:

We are working on a software update to address this issue. In the meantime, setting a root password prevents unauthorized access to your Mac. To enable the Root User and set a password, please follow the instructions here. If a Root User is already enabled, to ensure a blank password is not set, please follow the instructions from the ‘Change the root password’ section.
(“Do you have the newest Mac operating system? Anyone can hack you right now“, ABC7 News)

Good advice to follow if you are running the latest Mac OS.

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Etsy marketplace getting tougher on sellers, move on to Etsy Alternative

e-commerce website builders

With Etsy having to answer to its stock holders since its IPO two and a half years ago, sellers on the marketplace are feeling the strain of an ever-changing platform:

While Etsy’s cut of sales hasn’t changed, it does offer services like promoted listings, which began in 2014, that eat into already-tight profit margins. Now, more than half of the site’s revenue now comes from services used by sellers, a shift concurrent with individual artists noticing their own sales slow, even though Etsy’s gross merchandise sales are up 13.2 percent year-over-year in Q3.
(via “Etsy’s Evolution Strains Sellers
After a lackluster IPO, longterm shopkeepers notice shifts.”)

Etsy alternative for sellers: don’t pay your cut of sales to Etsy when you create your own e-commerce website.  Try UltimateWB – all the built-in apps you need to customize your customers’ shopping experience to buy YOUR items.  A one-time only cost for the website builder software, and your website is YOURS.  Keep your website online by purchasing your own custom domain name and web hosting packages starting at under $5/month on UltimateWB.  Because the website is yours, you don’t lose your website when you decide to take a break on your web hosting, unlike other e-commerce website builders, like Shopify or Volusion (which also take a cut of your sales, unlike UltimateWB).  Compare here.

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Black Friday Website Builder Deals: 10% Off!

10 percent off

Start saving from today with our Black Friday Website Builder Deals! Through November 27 you can save 10% off  UltimateWB Promo, UltimateWB PromoU, UltimateWB Essentials+, and UltimateWB Lite software. Use coupon code 10BlackFriday on the View Cart page before Checkout to redeem the offer.

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All UltimateWB web hosting come with FREE SSL!

Free SSLWe are happy to announce that all UltimateWB web hosting packages now come with free SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)!  SSL encrypts data passed between your web server and your website visitor’s internet browser, to keep private information private and data secure.  This is especially important if your website accepts private and sensitive information such as credit card information or personal data – i.e. on an e-commerce website not utilizing a secure payment gateway system like PayPal (built-in option in UltimateWB e-commerce app!), or on a social networking website.

It is important to add SSL for your website and make your website as secure as possible for any type of website actually – Google uses SSL as a ranking factor.  Don’t forget about SEO to get that high search engine ranking!

The UltimateWB web hosting free SSL covers your website for your domain with and without the “www”.  You can opt to upgrade your SSL to Premium SSL to get your domain name and company validated and have your website display a green browser bar.  Upgrade your SSL to Wildcard for unlimited sub domains.  Note: Rather than the Wildcard SSL, you can alternatively just use the URLs your-website.com/blog and your-website.com/photos, for example (which is how Ultimate Web Builder software works by default).  Wildcard SSL does not include the Premium SSL Features.

All UltimateWB web hosting packages SSL types include:

  • Free installation on your server
  • 2048 bit CSR
  • 1 certificate protects www/no-www website,
    i.e. www.your-website.com AND your-website.com
  • https:// prefix
  • Padlock icon
  • 99.9% Browser Recognition
  • Verification Seal

Currecomodo securently, the UltimateWB web hosting packages SSL certificates are issued by Comodo, a very reputable SSL company.

So’ this free SSL is the real deal, verified/signed SSL – not your self-signed free SSL certificates that would pop-up security warnings for most internet browsers.

Related: “When do you need a secured server, i.e. SSL certificate for your website?

Current UltimateWB web hosting customers: We will be emailing you this week to confirm your complimentary SSL upgrade.  If your account already has the standard SSL installed (vs Premium SSL or Wildcard SSL), it has already been configured to renew automatically for free before the certificate expiration date.

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Choosing to add content to left, right side of custom website menu

UltimateWB software upgrade 4.7 for the Full, Lite, and Essentials+ versions makes it super easy to add content to the left and/or right sides of your customized website menu.  Through your website admin panel HTML Ad(d)s Manager built-in these 3 Ultimate Web Builder software versions, you can use the Content Editor Box to add the content you would like for each side of the menu, and the software translates it into code for you.  You can choose which pages include this left/right side content for your website menu, on your website admin panel Add/Edit Page for each of your web pages.

You can check out an example of the optional left/right menu content feature on the Friends Match Me free dating site at www.friendsmatchme.com , which is currently using UltimateWB Full 4.7.  Their homepage is not using the left/right side menu content display,

Friends Match Me

however their website inner pages and blog pages do.  For example, the Friends Match Me blog at www.friendsmatchme.com/blog displays a smaller version of the Friends Match Me logo on the left side of the menu, and the Facebook login button (when member is not logged in) / account buttons (when member is logged in) on the right side of the menu.

Friends Match Me Blog


As you may notice from these two Friends Match Me website screenshots, you can also easily have a different menu design for your web pages with UltimateWB Full, Lite, and Essentials+ software versions.  Just create a new Stylesheet with the built-in Styles Manager.  Again, no coding experience needed; the software generates all the coding for you.  Of course, if you are a web designer or web programmer, or feel like an adventure (feel free to ask for help on our Styling, Custom CSS coding help forum!), you can add your custom css coding if you feel like it :-)

Thanks to Friends Match Me for providing an example of our new menu left/right sides feature!  Be sure to check out their website at www.friendsmatchme.com or download the app on Google Play or the App Store (search for “friendsmatchme”) if you are single!

If you have a website built on Ultimate Web Builder software and would like to be featured in our blog, please contact us!

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Back To School SALE!

Back to school sale

We are having a Back To School Sale: 10% off all UltimateWB software and 10% off all UlitmateWB web design packages.  Just use coupon code back2school10 on the view cart page before checkout to get your discount.  You don’t have to be a student to get the discount!  Sale ends Monday August 21.

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