Upgraded User Interface (UI) with Ultimate Web Builder software upgrade 6.5

This website builder update is for all software versions of Ultimate Web Builder: UltimateWB Full, Lite, Essentials+, PromoU, and Promo.

CMS Photos App Upgrade (All Versions)

We have modified the user interface for adding photos. You can now also add/manage photos directly from the Add/Edit Page, besides the Admin Panel Photos section. Plus, you can choose to “assign” photos to a specific page for quick access to the photo on that specific page, or leave it unassigned to any pages so that the photo is available for quick access on all the add/edit pages.

CMS Photo Gallery & Slideshows App Upgrade: UWB Full & UWB Lite

It’s even easier now to create a photo category to be associated with a page on the Add/Edit Page – just checkmark the box for “Create new Photo Category for page” next to the Content Page Editor Box and click the button at the bottom of the page to add the page/save the page updates.

And it’s also easier to go to the photo category/categories of a page, to upload photos for your photo gallery/slideshow. There is now a Photo Categories link/count added to the Edit Page to easily view/manage Photo Categories associated with a page.

And we have added a List Photos tab to the Edit Photo Category page for easy access to photos associated with a photo category (besides accessing from the Photos page). 

CMS E-Commerce Items App Upgrade: UWB Full

We didn’t leave out the E-commerce App and its Photos UI. You can now also add/manage item photos directly from the Add/Edit Item page, besides the Admin Panel Photos section.

And we have made it easier to find your items on your admin panel List Items page with a Search by Item Name feature.

UltimateWB Website Updates, User Manual & Video Tutorials…

We are in the process of updating the user manual topics and adding more topics and video tutorials. If you would like a certain topic covered sooner, just contact us!

We have updated the Compare Ultimate Web Builder Promo, PromoU, Essentials+, Lite, and Full comparison chart to help you choose the right website builder for you. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Play around with the new upgrade on the demos!

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New Year and New Ultimate Web Builder Software Upgrade 6.4

UltimateWB website builder software upgrade 6.4 has been released for all versions: Full, Lite, Essentials+, PromoU, and Promo. New features have been added and an even more user friendly CMS to make the web development process a lot faster, easier, and enjoyable.

CMS Upgrade

Save & manage page backups quick & easy

You can now automatically save your Page Previous Versions and Edit/Revert to saved previous sections. This feature is automatically turned on by default, but you can turn it off from the Configure Site > Basic Setup page, and delete/manage the backups. This method is a lot faster and easier than the previous method you might have used to accomplish this, by creating duplicate pages and saving backups with an “inactive” setting. Plus, no more clutter on your List Pages section with backups of pages You can access previous versions of pages from the List Pages > Edit Page – on the top of the page there is a link that you just click to get the list of saved previous versions. Then, just click on the Edit button to edit/restore the saved page. You can also choose to undo a previous change with one click on the top of the Edit Page.

Admin Panel session logout redirect upgrade

No more losing any pending posts because of an admin login session timeout. You can just login again, and the pending content will get posted as planned. Also, if you are logged out and visit an admin page, you get redirected to the login page, and then back to your previous page after successfully logging in.

SEO Upgrade

You can now choose whether or not you want to show your page meta keywords in the coding. Major search engines like Google or Yahoo no longer use meta keywords in their search engine ranking, so some argue that revealing this information is sharing too much with your competition. Now you have he choice to decide with an easy on/off toggle, rather than having to delete the target keywords info from each page.

More User Friendly with a Show/Hide Password Option Added

Sometimes you may want to check out what password you typed in the textbox – this upgrade gives you the option to offer this feature to your website members (UltimateWB Full social networking app), as well as to yourself in your admin panel (all UltimateWB software versions). For the latter, the setting to have this feature is off by default for security reasons, but you can turn it on from the Configure Site > Basic Setup page. And for the social networking app, it is on by default, to be more user friendly for your members. You can update this from the Configure Site > Social Networking configurations page. Choose from different options on how to display the show/hide password option: an icon in the password textbox or beside the textbox, or a Show Password checkbox under the password textbox. You can also customize the icon, as well as the “Show Password” text, of course.

Question & Answer CAPTCHA for the Forums

The Question & Answer pair CAPTCHA was a big hit and homerun for the contact form and forms builder app, in the UltimateWB 6.1 upgrade. We have now extended it to the built-in forums app in UltimateWB Full, as another CAPTCHA option.

More WordPress Blog Integration Customization

The UltimateWB Full WordPress blog integration now comes with another theme option that you can use to not show blog dates and authors for posts in all or certain categories. More info on customizing this will be provided soon, stay tuned or email us!

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Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!

Hope your holiday season and new year is full of happiness.

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Could a freelance web developer build and design websites using an iPad?

Yes, you can build and design websites with just an iPad in many ways…you don’t even have to be a web developer actually! You could code from scratch – experience necessary! – or use website builder software that is compatible with iPads, or even better, website builder software that isn’t tied to the device you are using.

For example, you can build websites with UltimateWB on an iPad, or any device with an internet connection. UltimateWB is a website builder software that is installed on your web server, so you get the convenience and flexibility of being able to work on websites on different devices if you want to, without any compatibility issues or having to save/move your work from one device to another.

Got a techy/website question? Whether it’s about UltimateWB or another website builder, web hosting, or other aspects of websites, just send in your question in the “Ask David!” form. We will email you when the answer is posted on the UltimateWB “Ask David!” section.

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How long does it take to be a web designer?

It would be different for each person, but you could design and build websites without any experience with UltimateWB. It has a built-in styles manager and a very easy to use CMS.

Got a techy/website question? Whether it’s about UltimateWB or another website builder, web hosting, or other aspects of websites, just send in your question in the “Ask David!” form. We will email you when the answer is posted on the UltimateWB “Ask David!” section

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How do you add CMS to an existing HTML website?

You would need to rebuild the website using the CMS, so that the content can be saved in the database and updated as needed through your website admin panel. For a basic HTML website, you could use the UltimateWB Promo website builder if your website is 5 webpages or less, or the UltimateWB PromoU website builder for unlimited webpages, costing a flat fee of $19 or $34, respectively. The great thing about all UltimateWB website builders is that they are downloadable and you get web hosting choice!

Got a techy/website question? Whether it’s about UltimateWB or another website builder, web hosting, or other aspects of websites, just send in your question in the “Ask David!” form. We will email you when the answer is posted on the UltimateWB “Ask David!” section

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Save with Black Friday Deals on UltimateWB website builders!

Start saving from today with our Black Friday Website Builder Deals! Through December 2nd you can save 20% off UltimateWB Promo, UltimateWB PromoU, UltimateWB Essentials+, UltimateWB Lite, and UltimateWB Full software. Use coupon code 20BlackFriday on the View Cart page before Checkout to redeem the offer.

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How to make Google like you more with the UltimateWB Sitemap Generator Tool Upgrade!

We have added a new option to the built-in Sitemap Generator Tool in UltimateWB Full and Lite software versions – you can now exclude selected web pages from getting listed on your generated sitemap.

Why you may want to not include a web page on your sitemap?

By default, your inactive webpages aren’t included in the sitemap by the Sitemap Generator Tool. But sometimes, you also don’t want an active webpage included either, because the page’s purpose is more about performing a function in your website, rather than providing content that should be indexed by search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Examples include a post or member activation page, or a payment page – pages where the content can only be displayed if all the relevant parameters are involved, and they won’t be if accessed through a Google search.

What happens if you include such “no content” web pages on your sitemap?

Is there a downside to including these type of pages anyways? There might be. If you have submitted your sitemap to Google, for example, and use the Google Search console to analyze your website, you will find a Soft 404 error for those pages, and that the page validation failed.

What is a Soft 404 Error?

This means that the page does not exists or it has little or no content – the latter would be the case for pages that you want to exclude in the Sitemap Generator Tool.

Why you don’t want Soft 404 Errors…

It’s right in the name, right?! Error! But seriously, as the Google Search Console Help section on Soft 404 Errors puts it, it is a “bad practice”:

A success code tells search engines that there’s a real page at that URL. As a result, the page may be listed in search results, and search engines will continue trying to crawl that non-existent URL instead of spending time crawling your real pages.

How to get rid of Soft 404 Errors?

It is very simple. Login to your UltimateWB website admin panel, go to Pages > List Pages on the top menu bar, and click on the Edit button for the pages you need to exclude from the sitemap. On the Add/Edit page, towards the top of the page, there is a box that you just checkmark to exclude the selected page from the Sitemap Generator Tool including in the sitemap. Make sure to scroll to the bottom of the page to then Save your changes!

The example above is for an Event payment page. If this page was included in the sitemap for the website, it would get a Soft 404 Error, as there would be very little content displayed if accessed through the search engine, without the necessary parameters – and there is no point to list such a page on the search engines.

Keep the search engine listings to the pages that your website visitors will appreciate!

You can update your sitemap manually via your website admin panel Configure Site > Sitemap Settings page, as well as automatically via a “cron job” that you can set up so that your server updates your sitemap periodically as you – or your members/visitors – add content.

As noted on the Sitemap Settings page,  the Sitemap Generator Tool runs automatically per the installation setup, but you can click the link there to . manually run the sitemap generator right now.

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Quick Useful Tip for Easy Google Ads Optimization

If you’re setting up your own Google Ads (previously known as Google Adwords), or setting them up for your clients, you’re going to want to know this tip – it can save so much time. This trick allows you to easily set different bids and make other small changes on campaigns, while keeping the current campaigns. This is very useful, for example, if you want slightly different settings for various countries. How can you do this the quick fast way, instead of manually? You can actually copy a Google Ads campaign and paste it – then click on it to update to the new settings you want.

Here’s the step-by-step on how to copy/paste a Google Ads campaign:

1) On the Google Ads Campaigns manager, checkmark the campaign(s) you want to copy.

2) On the top of this dashboard, click on th “Edit” menu to open the drop down menu, and then choose “Copy”

3) Then click on the top “Edit” menu again, and this time in the drop down menu choose “Paste”. You will get some options to choose from for the paste action, namely, to pause the new campaign(s) after pasting, and adjust the start and end dates.:

4) Then just click on the “Paste” button at the bottom of these options, and Google Ads will automatically do the copy/paste work for you.

You’re all set – now just click on the new campaign you pasted to make any changes you want.

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