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What is the best of to create form for a web page? With HTML or backend programming language?

You need more than html for any interactive element such as a form. You can do it with php. Or, alternatively, you can use a website builder like UltimateWB – it has a built-in contact form and forms builder. So … Continue reading

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How long does one web development project take to complete from start to finish?

It depends on the size of the website project, and what you use to build it. For advanced, interactive websites, coding from scratch can take months, while with a website builder like UltimateWB, you can do it in days. UltimateWB … Continue reading

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What are the essential features of a website?

You want to make sure it’s responsive – i.e. it will automatically reformat based on the user’s device screen size – so that it is user friendly. A menu for easy navigation, footer links for pages such as the Terms … Continue reading

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The best free website builder just got better! Special promotional period!

UPDATE: UltimateWB Promo/Unlimited is now available for purchase for $19 / $34, respectively, buy here! Read about it here: “UltimateWB Promo software now available for purchase – low-cost website builder with high quality” You can’t get more free than free, but you can … Continue reading

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Ultimate Web Builder software upgrade 4.1 now available!

It’s one of our fastest upgrade releases and you can download it now – Ultimate Web Builder 4.1 for all five software versions!  It’s an upgrade for communications, even for our new free website builder, Ultimate Web Builder Promo. On Ultimate Web … Continue reading

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How to reduce your website spam with a Contact Form vs Posted Email Address

Spiders are not just the lovable daddy long legs like on “Honey I shrunk the Kids”, or the creepy crawlers that give you the puffed up eye lid morning present.  On the internet, they are used to “scrape” emails off … Continue reading

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