Easily create your website sitemap – new built-in Sitemap Generator Tool!

If you have been wondering how you can easily create your own website sitemap and what code is necessary…and worried about the hassle of having to repeatedly update your website sitemap with the addition of each new webpage, or even each new blog post, forum post, or member public profile… now you can do it EASILY with Ultimate Web Builder software.  With the newest upgrade, version 2.7, we have added a built-in Sitemap Generator Tool.  We have also added an online Sitemap Generator Tool tutorial: http://www.redesigns.org/web-builder/sitemap-generator-tool-tutorial.php

Sitemap Generator Tool features include:

Sitemap Tool Added:

  • Select sitemap file name
  • Choose what gets included in the sitemap: webpages, item pages, member pages, custom pages, blog posts, and forum posts
  • Choose whether to include modified date on sitemap
  • Automatically run sitemap generator tool each day and/or run it manually from your Admin Panel

The Ultimate Web Builder software built-in Sitemap Generator Tool is another method for you to use in increasing your search engine ranking, and increasing your webpage indexing.  For the best results, use with the built-in SEO tool!

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