How to easily add a guestbook to your website, and avoid spam

You can easily add a gestbook to your website with Ultimate Web Builder software.  Much like creating a reviews/ratings section for any of your webpages, you can just embed where you want your comments section on the Add/Edit Page on your website Admin Panel.  Choose to just allow reviews and/or ratings (for example for a website rating) – and whether to require a comment and/or rating.  The software will split your guestbook posts into pages based on the number of comments per page you set.  You can set the formatting to allow replies to comments if you want.  To avoid spam, you can require users to input a code that is displayed to them (captcha), require member login to post, and require admin approval of posts.  You can require admin approval of posts that are anonymous only if you want.  There is a commenting reporting feature you can also use to automatically get rid of reported comments – set the number of reports required before a comment is inactive for your review.  You can set what weight is given to reports by anonymous users vs logged in members.

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