Online Store Transaction Fees on Yahoo Store Builder and Shopify e-commerce website builder solutions

Did you know that some e-commerce website builder solutions actually not just charge you monthly fees, but also transaction fees?!  It’s true.  The more money your online store makes, the more money they make.  If you build your online store with Yahoo Store Builder even the price you will be paying per month varies depending on how much profit you make that month, currently ranging from  $39.95-$1049.95 per month.  And then on top of that you will have to pay .75-1.5% in transaction fees when customers purchase items on your online store from you.  Extra overhead for you.  Another example of an e-commerce website builder that charges transaction fees is Shopify e-commerce solution.  Question: Is it the solution you want for having your online store though?  With Shopify, you will have to pay up to 2% in transaction fees on your customer purchases.  On top of that, you will have to pay $26-$179 per month.  Again, extra overhead for you.

**SHOPIFY UPDATE: October 2013 Shopify has raised its prices for the Basic plan from $26 to $29 per month, and on first look on its pricing page it seems Shopify has removed the transaction fees – but that is not totally the case.  If you mouse over the o% Transaction Fees box (by chance – there isn’t even an asterisk there informing you that it is not really 0% all the time), you will find a note explaining that it is just 0% if you use Shopify Payments, not if you use an external payment gateway that they offer like PayPal. In that case, the transaction fees still stand.  If you do use the Shopify Payments (currently only available in the US and Canada), there are still credit card processing charges: 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction for the Basic Plan. Read More Here

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