Why you should not build your website with VistaPrint, review

You don’t get the most bang out of your buck with VistaPrint SiteBuilder.  You might feel a bang on your head, i.e. a headache, with their website builder however, when you find out just how much you cannot do with VistaPrint SiteBuilder.  It is not the most inexpensive website solution, as VistaPrint advertises, when they don’t even provide the website tools you want and need – it is like throwing away your money.  And VistaPrint is certainly not the best – or even close – website solution even if you have no website designing & building skills.  VistaPrint offers no website email address unless you go Premium.   No option to add a PayPal button unless you go Premium.  No option to create your own design with any of the VistaPrint Web Hosting plans – you have to choose one of the VistaPrint templates and customize that.  Actually, even upgrading VistaPrint packages doesn’t provide you the basic website tools you need for a successful website.

Currently, with the VistaPrint Basic Plan, the cost is $4.99 per month.  You get only 3 pages.  Want more pages?  After all, a big part of getting a high search engine ranking on Google, Yahoo, and other top search engines is content!  Pay $9.98 per month and you get 2 more pages with the Standard Package, making the total 5 pages.  …  Still not enough pages?  You will have to upgrade to the Professional Package at $19.97 per month to get unlimited pages.  Too bad you are not unlimited on what you can put on those pages however – you cannot add your own html/css/php – or any coding.  You might think that is ok because you don’t know how to code anyways, but this also means that you cannot copy/paste code that other companies provide you – like Google Ads, or Google Traffic Analytics.

Why would you want to add Google Traffic Analytics?  If you use UltimateWB Web Hosting Packages you will have no need for it, as you get a free traffic statistics tool showing keywords traffic, hits, visit duration … all the stats.  But with VistaPrint – Premium Standard/Professional Packages – you only get info on the number of page views, location of visitors, search engines used, and referring site urls.  Probably the biggest thing is, there is nothing on search keyphrases …

Website traffic is great when you get it, and great when you get more and more of it.  So you don’t want your website host to stand in the way of your website visitors growth. But with VistaPrint, you get a limit on bandwidth (traffic) with any of the VistaPrint Web Hosting plans.  Website visibility and compatibility is also important.  You want your website to work on different platforms so website visitors and potential customers can actually access and view your website.  If you want your website to be compatible on smart phones (i.e. mobile website), you will have to upgrade to VistaPrint Premium Professional package.  It says on the VistaPrint website:

“A Mobile Website is a matching version of your main website, that’s been optimized for traffic from mobile devices like Androids, iPhones, and iPads. We do all the work to build the mobile site and keep it updated to your main website, so there’s no set-up required!”

Why not just make their website builder create a website that is compatible on all platforms, smart phones and ipad included?  No guarantee offered on VistaPrint website ipad compatiblity.

Compare VistaPrint SiteBuilder with Ultimate Web Builder and other website builders hereDreamweaver vs GoDaddy vs Yahoo vs Wix vs Weebly vs VistaPrint SiteBuilder vs Ultimate Web Builder software.

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