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What is the monthly cost of running an e-commerce website after initial development?

There is a yearly domain registration cost and monthly web hosting cost. You can make your web hosting payments yearly to get a discount. How much this is depends on the web hosting company you choose, and how much traffic/content … Continue reading

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What is the cost of maintenance of an e-commerce website? Where can I find a good company or freelancer for this?

Depends on what you want the maintenance to include. You can cut on costs by managing your website yourself from the admin panel. UltimateWB has a built-in e-commerce app with a very easy-to-use admin panel to add/edit items, inventory, view … Continue reading

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Online Store Transaction Fees on Yahoo Store Builder and Shopify e-commerce website builder solutions

Did you know that some e-commerce website builder solutions actually not just charge you monthly fees, but also transaction fees?!  It’s true.  The more money your online store makes, the more money they make.  If you build your online store with … Continue reading

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