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UltimateWB Lite and UltimateWB Full are the best website builders for photographers, artists, designers.  You can do a quick side-by-side comparison of what you get with UltimateWB vs other portfolio website builders on the comparison chart here.  We believe it’s pretty clear that UltimateWB is the winner, and that you will agree too after checking out all the features you get with UltimateWB that you don’t get elsewhere!

Let’s go through some of the points:

With UltimateWB you get pretty & clean URLs – that means that your pages will have a path that is user friendly and also SEO friendly – important for gaining traffic and being on top of search engine rankings.  It’s a very simple concept which all website builders like PhotoShelter or Zenfolio don’t embrace for its customers.

UltimateWB is downloadable software that you can choose to host at UltimateWB (and get free software installation!) or choose to host elsewhere.  Other portfolio website builders like Squarespace, PhotoShelter, or Zenfolio do not give you that choice.  What does this mean and why should you care?  Being forced to use a certain web hosting means that if you want to continue with your website, keep your SEO, search engine ranking, you are stuck with their company and services – even if they choose to increase their pricing or you find that you are not happy with their services.  You choose to change your web hosting with them, you choose to close down your website.  That is why they are called hosted solutions.  Photos and other media like video can use up a lot of disk space as your portfolio grows, so you don’t want to be at the mercy of a pricing structure that doesn’t work for you.

Same goes for the number of pages that a hosting plan allows – with UltimateWB you get unlimited pages, but with the other website builders, your web hosting plan can dictate how many pages and disk space you can use for something.

All versions of UltimateWB also come with a Responsive App because it is so important – so many website visitors browse on the internet on their smartphones or tablets that you need your website to be user friendly on a wide range of devices and screen sizes.  Not being user friendly means losing your customers.  With Squarespace and PhotoShelter you have to make sure to choose a responsive template if you want it to be responsive, and with Zenfolio you don’t get a responsive website.

Flexibility is a big thing at UltimateWB.  You can create your web portfolio with multi-level drop down menus, create and use multiple headers/footers/side sections, and create your own style/templates with the built-in Styles Manager – none of which you can do with Squarespace, PhotoShelter, or Zenfolio.

The UltimateWB Full/Lite photo gallery and slideshow app has so many options for sizing, formatting, thumbnails, controller display, photo ordering, and even the photo animations.  Ease of use is super important too – you can individually add photos or batch upload – and even batch watermark your photos automatically with the image of your choice!  There is no watermarking app on Squarespace or Zenfoolio, and on PhotoShelter you can only watermark on a sitewide basis, or gallery basis, which can take up to 24 hours to take into effect. Yikes!

UltimateWB Full also comes with another unique organizing of your photos – the mosaic grid, where you can create dynamic photo/text collages.

A really good reason to go with UltimateWB Full is if you would like to sell your photos as digital downloads securely, and/or create members only/client areas.  The other portfolio website builders use expiring download links that anyone can access instead of using secure access.  You cannot create members only/client areas with Squarespace or PhotoShelter, and you can only do it on Zenfolio with a premium account.

UltimateWB is really one-of-a-kind, different from other website builders in one more big aspect – the number of built-in apps and featuers it comes with!  There is a lot!  Check out the full list in the portfolio website builder comparison chart, or on the UltimateWB Features page.

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