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What is the best forum software that is not only mobile responsive, but designed for mobile?

UltimateWB – it has a built-in forum app with lots of features, and lots of other social networking apps too. Use the built-in responsive app to make it responsive. It’s very fast, easy, flexible, and customizable. Got a techy/website question? … Continue reading

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How can I convert my e-commerce website into a mobile app and ensure that both are integrated together, e.g., if I add a product to cart on the website, it has to be reflected on the app?

You can automatically make a mobile version of your website by making the design responsive. This is easy to do with UltimateWB – it has a built-in responsive app. No experience necessary. Having a website responsive makes it automatically reformat … Continue reading

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What is a matching mobile site and how to get one easily?

NOTE: If you are here looking for a dating site to use on your mobile, this isn’t the topic, but we know a great one for you, Friends Match Me!  It’s built on UltimateWB software, with iPhone/iPad and Android apps, … Continue reading

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