What is a matching mobile site and how to get one easily?

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NOTE: If you are here looking for a dating site to use on your mobile, this isn’t the topic, but we know a great one for you, Friends Match Me!  It’s built on UltimateWB software, with iPhone/iPad and Android apps, and it is the 100% totally free dating app!

First there was the desktop, then the laptop, and now the go-to is the smartphone.  Not just now, but more like from a couple years ago the trend has been going strong.  Use of smartphones for the internet is at such a high that if you have a website for your business, organization, cause, or hobby – if you want your website to be found and be used – you need to make sure you have a “matching mobile site”.  Short answer on what this means is that it is a mobile version of your website, for visitors to your website that are on their smartphones, rather on a desktop, latop, or even tablet.

Google Top Search Engine Ranking FactorsA couple of years ago Google announced that it would favor mobile friendly websites in its search algorithm.  So there’s one good reason right there to have a matching mobile site: to make sure you get a top Google search engine ranking and get found.  A really, really good reason for a mobile version of your website, and also really the reason for Google’s announcement, is that you want to keep your visitors on your website to interact – not to leave right away because they can’t navigate on their phones due to the menu not being mobile friendly, or the font being too small to read on their smaller screen size without zooming in/out and scrolling from side to side.

The easiest way – and best way – for your website to have a matching mobile site is to make it mobile friendly and responsive, with fluid design.  That means that your website design and formatting changes automatically depending on the user’s device, more specifically their screen size.  Ultimate Web Builder makes this easy with the built-in Responsive App.  Having a responsive website is so important that the UltimateWB Responsive App is available in ALL of UltimateWB software versions.  With this app you can customize when your website menu collapses to a single menu button, when left/right side contents expand to a 100% width, when fonts should display larger…and more, with suggestions on the configuration setting values to use.  With many of the websites built on Ultimate Web Builder software, with one click on the Styles Manager to turn the Responsive App on, without changing any of the default settings, your website can be responsive and ready for the mobile users!  Matching mobile site, check!

You can test out how your website looks on various devices on our Responsive Check Tool, available under the Resources section!


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