Google To Favor “Mobile Friendly” Websites In Search Starting Tuesday

Google Top Search Engine Ranking Factors

Is your website mobile friendly?  If your website is not by this Tuesday you could be dramatically losing traffic to your website from smartphone users!  This coming Tuesday Google plans on rolling out their new revised formula in calculating who gets ranked on top of the Google searches on mobile.

What makes a website mobile friendly?  If your website looks good and works well on smartphones, it means it is mobile friendly.  Some key things that are considered:

-Links should not be too close together (so user can click on links and navigate through your website easily)

-Text should not be too small to read (so user won’t have to zoom in/out repeatedly to read your website)

-Mobile viewport should be set (UltimateWB Responsive App sets this for you, available in all 3 versions!)

-Content should not be wider than the screen (so user won’t have to repeatedly scroll sideways to read content)

Google makes it easy for you to check if they approve of your website and consider it mobile friendly with their online tool here: .  We just checked our own website, UltimateWB, and yes, we are approved!

One of the easiest ways to develop a mobile friendly website without losing out on customizability is by using the UltimateWB Responsive App – available in all 3 versions of our software!  We have user manual topics on the Responsive App here:  So much more flexibility and customizability than just purchasing a “responsive” template.  Break out of the box, color outside of the lines, create your own design with UltimateWB!


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