Still using iWeb? Top 6 reasons you shouldn’t be. Upgrade!


If you haven’t heard of iWeb, it may be because of the #1 reason that you shouldn’t be using it to create your website:

1) Apple no longer supports iWeb, the website developing creation tool for Mac, and they haven’t for a few years now. (Related Post: Apple no longer supports iWeb website developing creation tool for Mac users)

Ok, so Apple doesn’t support it anymore.  What does this mean?

2)  That is a reason itself to not use iWeb – that there is no more tech support from Apple, no official help on using the iWeb software direct from Apple.  If you need help, you will have to post on other websites/forums for a possible answer.  Also, if the software does not work with the latest Macs, they won’t upgrade the software.

3) You may be losing customers/traffic on your website because it is not responsive (the newest design technique) – i.e. your website does not display well on smartphones and tablets.  More and more people are using smartphones to browse the internet. (Related Post: Smartphone use on the rise…just ask this Japanese snow monkey!)

4) Your website will not be up-to-date on the latest technologies and coding, so your website may not work on the newest internet browsers, computers, or other devices.  If your website doesn’t function correctly, again it means lost customers/traffic.

5) There are better options out there.  Our favorite is UltimateWB!  But you can check out the Comparison Charts and Demos and decide for yourself.

6) iWeb is an offline website builder software that you install on your mac computer.  You can then only use that one computer to make updates to your files, and plus then you have to reupload the files every time you make a change to them.  You can manage your website a lot easier by using an online website builder, which you can use from any computer/device with an internet connection.  And if you choose a website builder software vs a hosted solution, you can still choose your own web host and switch as you would like.  (Related Posts: What is the difference between hosted website builders and website builder software? , Hosted solution, self-hosted website, and the best of both worlds)

Check out what our customers say about UltimateWB here!

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